People, Let's Get Going!

I feel compelled to point out a dangerous trend which threatens to sully the reputation of this, the most hallowed forum within this message board. I fear that if this trend continues, the very existence of the BBQ Pit may be in question.

I have noticed a large number of threads appear in this forum lately which have degenerated into thoughtful conversation, logical debate, and polite discourse.

This trend must be put to a halt at once!

Is it too much trouble to ask that you toss in the occasional superfluous F-word or below-the-belt ad-hominem attack? jarbaby, can I please get a compound expletive out of you, for crying out loud?

Look, if we cannot comport ourselves with indecency, this Pit will soon take on the unusually civil character of the rest of this message board. I know you’ve still got what it takes to be truly offensive. Now get out there and invoke Hitler for the team!

Eat a sack of cum-ridden shit, you camel-pox virus gasping on bin Laden’s 'taint. I’ll have a thoughtful conversation wherever I want.

Gosh ding-diddly-arn it, he’s right!

Oh, bite me, you lowlife lick-spittle.

I think this warrants further discussion…


Eschew obfuscation.
Gentlemen, I would be obliged if you were less polite.

Spot the absence of an odd one out

For what it’s worth, I agree with SK. It’s probably balancing out the flames in GD.

Fuck you.


Go and fuck your fist you fat fist-fucker!

Say that five times fast…

heh – you took the words right outta my mouth, Scout.

OG!! OG!! OG!!

Well, I believe that convention of “Since this is the Pit…” followed by a few choice swear words/expletives was designed just for this!

Poopyhead ka ka booger!!!

Listen, you fucking GOAT FELCHING, SHOE SNIFFING, SUV DRIVING NAZI: the compound obscenity is nice at times, but we’re on the SDMB.

We don’t have to live up to the expectations of others… others have to live up to our expectations.

This post was brought to you by the word “pedonecrobestifelcher”.

Why does this remind me of the way my mom talks all the time? (surprisingly, not the little kids I know… or most of the time, anyways) A couple of years ago, my family went to a Grossology exhibit at the local science museum (I don’t know how else to describe Science World), and it had all this stuff about boogers, poop, farts, etc., etc., etc.

From then on, my mom has insisted that talking about this sort of thing is my favorite thing in the world to do. Somehow, I don’t think so! :rolleyes: :eek:

How about this?

This thread was brought to you by mucus, pus, and other bodily fluids generally not talked about in polite company. Then again, this is the Pit, so never mind the polite company! :smiley:

I for one would never stoop to calling someone a goat-felching, motherfucking son of a syphilitic Soviet sea-cook.

Unless, of course, they were.

Oh, come on! I’ve already taught my two-year old neice how to talk shit better than you people!

(scribbling down “Soviet sea-cook”)

With a few exceptions, of course.


Cite? :wink: