11/19/1999 is the oddest day for 1200 years

A person named Maitri sent me the message below. I guess he is counting 0 as an even number, so 11/30/1999 isn’t all odds.

This Friday, 11/19/1999, is the last day that all the digits in the date are an odd number for the next 1200 years. The next time this happens is in the year 3111.

Maitri Venkat-Ramani
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
e-mail: maitri@geology.wisc.edu

We passed another such milestone a long time ago. 1961 was the last year that reads the same upside down until 6009.

If I understand this correctly, then 2/2/2000 will be the first “all-even” date in just over 1,100 years, following August 28, 888.

Also, if you draw the 2’s the right way, then 2002, 2112, etc. can be read upside down as the same date.


I solved an operating system problem that had been plaguing me for weeks today.

The ex called and was nice to me.

There was hardly any traffic on the way to work.

I knew there was something odd about today.

Forgot 11/31/1999… all odd digits. A very odd day.

Hate to be an ass but, 30 days hath September, April, May and November.
So 11/31 of any year would be a strange day no doubt!


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Sorry, Dex, repeat after me: “Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November…”

CK, tell us you’re kidding!

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In all the time I have known our Mr. CK, I have never known him to kid even once. He doesn’t have a humerus bone in his body (related to a terrible actuarial (sp) accident, don’t ask).

He is always straight up (again related to above mentioned accident) and never utters a funny word.

He must surely be serious, (but don’t ever call him shirley or serious for that matter).