11 year old Honors Student and Preacher fascinates me.

Tonight at a “special mid week youth service” an 11 year old boy preached, he was dressed really sharp. He seemed to know his bible real well and I was able to meet him after the service and he seemed…well, friendly.

He goes to what is described as a “very exclusive private school” , takes honors classes and has an almost perfect GPA. When a church takes up an offering for him the money is put into a college fund for him so he is already paying for his own college.

At one point in the intro to his sermon he was talking about hanging out with his friends and playing video games and then he was talking about how he prayed about making the basketball team eventhough he wasn’t very good but God allowed him to have favor with the coach and by the end of the season he was awarded as best new athlete. He also said how important it was for people to go around other people that look lonely and that he always did that at school.
His mother told the church that he played a trick on his sister where he chased her around the house with a fake dirty diaper and one time he put some chili in his mouth and spit it out to make it look like he had thrown up and when she went to see what was wrong he said “just kidding”. She went on about how he always was playing pranks.

This kid sounded like a real preacher when he got started the only difference was his voice which was still like a boy’s voice but if you were to read a transcript of his sermon you would think he was a grown man aside from the references in the very beggining about school and video games.

Half the congregation was into what he was saying and I suppose the other half
just thought he was darn cute. The girl next to me kept saying “He is adorable” what seemed like every 5 seconds.

I got the impression he was really smart and mature but I also got the idea that he was a prankster when he was with his friends and at home and that he was a regular kid. I am so curious about how this mixture of honors student, preacher and prankster works out.

I am fascinated by him, I really would like to be around him when he is not preaching to see what he’s like and to answer these questions for myself;

Does he ever get in trouble?
Does he ever do anything dishonest?
What kind of friends does he hang out with?
Does he watch movies, TV?
Do other kids make fun of him?
Is he *ever * mean to other kids?
Is he interested in girls?
What does he do when he is mad?
etc, etc.
In other words how much of a preacher is he and how much of a regular kid is he?
Silly questions? Perhaps but then you might think the same things if you saw him preaching.

In other words, is he a human just like, um, all the other preachers.

Reading between the lines (and having read some of your other posts) my guess is that you are more than a bit jealous of the guy. After all, he has his faith and yet seems to be a pretty rounded sort of person, and, worst of all, is obviously attractive to women.

FWIW, I’d assume he has just the same traumas that you, me and everyone else also experiences. Maybe more, as there’s a pretty safe bet that he’s under some strong pressure to be the ‘type’ of person that everyone adores. Give him 7 years and he’ll be a college dropout smoking dope and hiding it in the waste bin!