12 hour shifts are long, thank god for this board.

Seriously, i’m very very bored. Unless some router breaks between 7am and 7pm I honestly don’t have anything to do but sit here. Thank the lord i have the internet to keep me entertained.
So, this post is to say “Thanks for all your posts!”.

Hey I know what you mean – I’ve been turning to these boards for entertainment while on China (again) for business. I can only see the Forbidden City etc so many times. TV is even more of a waste than in the States, and once the workday is done, endless hours stretch ahead.


Oh and trying to follow my college’s basketball team in the tournament is a bit challenging to say the least. Fortunately my hotel has broadband access. :smiley:

27 minutes left! then freedom!


Four days till I head home :frowning: