14 Uses for Wax Paper - some great ideas.

14 great ideas. Here’s two I liked and will start using.


In grade school we used to press colorful fall leaves in wax paper.

Make wax crayon shavings using a knife or vegetable peeler. Let kids sprinkle the shavings decoratively over wax paper. Cover with a second sheet and iron until the wax melts and the sheets stick. Trim to size. Pretty “stained glass”!

One- a humorous substitute for a regular piece of paper. Two…um…I’m needed in the basement.

small piece of waxed paper folded over a comb and you’ve got yourself an emergency kazoo!

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14 Uses for Wax Paper - some great ideas.
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I can’t believe pressing leaves didn’t make the cut. My 7th grade leaf collection project is about the only time in my life I’ve had the occasion to use the stuff.

I agree. Since parchment paper became readily available a few years ago (more nonstick, heatproof, and doesn’t melt wax into your food), I can’t think of a single kitchen application I’d actually use Wax Paper for – I don’t think I’ve bought or used any in years.

Has anyone ever cooked it in? Years ago I had a pork loin that coated in sea salt, was rolled up in wax paper (exactly seven layers thick) and then placed in a bed of coals until the internal temp reached some number. Out it came, the paper came right off un-burned and no wax residue. Probably the best pork I ever had.

When I was building my wood kayak - I used wax paper to prevent epoxying my pieces to the work surface (only to each other)