http://www.14may2003.com Hmm…Dont know what to think about it,
somebody who knows more?

IIRC this is the same website that a little bit ago was taken down. It’s for a book IIRC.

I think it’s some kind of marketing nonsense. Wasn’t there a version exactly the same called “march[something]2003.com” too?

This has been around for ages.

If the guys life is so threatened, why wait til may 14th to reveal all ?

Its probably an advertising gimmick, new Olympus camera due out perhaps ?

Why wait until May?

The same bullshit is already revealed at www.8march2003.com


Looks the same, even down to the annoying red & blue text.

[Napoleon XIV] They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha…[/Napoleon XIV]

I like how he is trying to get away from “THE FACTION” but yet he posts that he is going to be hiding in Australia and that they will never find him.

Seconded: Total BS.

He admits that it’s BS in his disclaimer.

I like the way he tries to sound pressured and stressed in the Mach 31st message, by typing really badly.


There is also a (supposed) ‘rival’ site called MountainSub or some such - a quick scan of the text there reveals a very similar writing style and somebody on the SDMB recently told me that the HTML coding is almost certainly by the same author.

C’etait moi.

Is it just my eyes or is the blue writing 3-d or something? Man! That hurts!

Ok, just took a look at it and read the “original post.” I got to the part where he developed the film from the camera, and then posts a photo of the damaged negatives, and gave up.

I suppose since he admits in the disclaimer that it’s BS, it’s his attempt at sort of an internet serial play–but it’s a bad one. A reeeeaaally bad one. Why in the hell would the negatives be damaged?

All I know is that the 14th May 2003 is Che Guevara’s 75th birthday and that there will be dancing and ribaldry!