18 hour bra???

What does this mean? What happens to your bra in the 19th hour? Is it 18 consecutive hours? Does it need to be washed after 18 hours? Or just a break from its job? Please help clear up this confusion. Thank You

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

if you’re ‘buck naked’ then whats the diff?
maybe after 18 hrs the elasticity goes and there is a horrible explosion

Geez, Buck… It was an advertising slogan, fercryinoutloud! It meant that the bra would be comfortable for 18 hours in a row. A big deal for us “full figured gals,” as Jane Russell used to say. You see, most bras made for large-breasted (read D cup or larger) are not especially comfy. The 18 hour job was. Supposedly. I’ve never worn one, myself – they look like Grandma-bras and I’m apparently willing to give up a little comfort for style.
Jess (34-D, since you ask…)

Mmmmm, 34 D.

Are you free this ev–SMACK
(Er, guess not.)

Thanks for the info Jess…34D hmmm…uh…ahem…anyways…got any pics to send me LOL…seriously though what happens after the 18th hour? They are huge Granny bras by the way nothing you’d see in the next Victoria’s secret catalog.

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

Nothing happens after the 18th hour, except that if you’re a normal human, you’re probably going to be going to sleep around then. (If you get up at, say, 7 am and get dressed right away, 18 hours later makes it about 1 am.) “18 hours” is about as much as they could get away with, marketing-wise, without implying that women don’t need sleep.

However, I would like to point out that I haven’t found a huge amount of difference, comfort-wise, between granny-style 18-hour ultra-supportive bras and my slinky cleavage-enhancing Victoria’s Secret bras, unless I’m working out. (Just for the record, I’m a 34D too…)

Speaking for the VERY large chested (42DD, for the record), I can tell a difference, comfort-wise. And the 18-hour bras areore comfortable than anything else (at least the Victoria’s Secret/Maidemform ones I’ve tried on - never found one comfortable enough to buy…) And don’t even get me started on sports bras. Blech.

But to answer the OP, no, nothing special happens in the 19th hour. At least nothing I’ve ever noticed… :slight_smile:

Nothing special eh…maybe you should come spend some time with me…LOL…what is with all the big chested women any 32A women about?

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

Hey, Buck Naked: that line “I feel like I do now…” sounds like you quoted it from “Cracked,” an imitation of “Mad” Magazine, in an article from about 1969. A husband staggers home soused in the wee hours, and “says” that quote, via a TV-style idiot card, followed, by “So let’s drink to that!”
When I was growing up I never had the courage to ask my mother–or my sister–about bra sizes. And being socially isolated I have had no occasion to discuss this with OTHER women.

My mom is actually EXTREMELY large breasted (she wears a E or F cup when she can find them) and hasn’t ever tried an 18hour bra – they aren’t made large enough. Mom has to take what she can find and pay whatever they charge and comfort be hanged. I was damn glad to stop growing at D – D cups are hard enough to find – especially in anything specialized (strapless or decolette.)


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Holy crap!!! E or F was she ever a Dancer? I’ve seen a few that big but they resembled basketballs and looked absolutely ridiculous…The quote was something my Mother had on her fridge for years it has always been one that stuck in my head…I remember cracked mag as a kid…Is it still around…I always thought it was a lame rip-off of Mad and never really paid much attention to it.

I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.

You guys are way too easily impressed with breast sizes.

I think I’m just gonna stay out of this one for the sake of your sanity.

(And Jess – tell your Mom to look at the J.C. Penney outlet stores. Sometimes they’ll carry up to a G cup.)

Thanks, Suze, for the suggestion. Actually, she has pretty good luck via mail order (both J.C.Penney and Speigel have styles that she likes and can wear in her size). The funny thing is, my sister wears an 34-A. Go figure. And, Buck? Mom was never a dancer, and they don’t look at all basketballish. You must be thinking of big PLASTIC boobs which can look unnaturally round. Mom’s are natural, and gravity is the enemy of large natural breasts. If you get my drift.


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

Lock and Load!!! Jess said, “Suze.”

" Mom’s are natural, and
gravity is the enemy of large natural breasts"
True. Same for small ones. But men’s penises, do they get bigger from gravity?

A DD cup is the same size as an E cup, right?

Actually, yes. well…not exactly. but 32 barely B is close enough. (technically an A yeah, but saying barely B makes me feel a little more normal since my brother teases me that he has a bigger chest than I do) :slight_smile:

tipi :slight_smile: