Bra Question

Why does an 18 hour bra only provide 18 hours of support? Shouldn’t it work continuously.

They just meant that it was comfortable enough for you to wear it 18 hours without ripping it off in pain and frustration and hurling it out the nearest window.

LadyLion avoids getting violent with her undergarments but she’s damn glad to get her boulder holder off a the end of the day. She 's perfected the art of taking it off without removing her shirt worth of Houdini

I didn’t know Houdini did a bra-removal act…

okay, okay, i’m going now

Padeye, I’ve done this… even on a bus after a very long, hard day in a new sling-shot. It was murder and had to get the bloody thing off asap. Couldn’t wait until I got home. No one had a clue… :smiley:

As for the 18 hour bra… It may be pushed and supported as such, but if you ever had to spend even just a few hours in one of these torture devices… argh! Perhaps they need to create a 24 hour bra, one that could be worn with some modicum of comfort for at least 8… I’d be a happy bunny then!

Are you sure you aren’t buying them too small or something? I do wear bras regularly–every day. And they’re rarely uncomfortable. I’m a D, so I always wear underwires, because they give better support. I’ve occasionally been tired enough to go to bed in my bra and then worn it for hours the next day without being uncomfortable in the least. I am baffled by women who insist bras are “torture devices.” Either I’m lucky enough to have always been the size and shape bras are made for, or some women aren’t buying the right size or particular brands are designed badly or something. I buy cheapies, too–hanes her way, or the Gilligan & OMalley ones for larger sizes, both available for under $20 at Target–so it’s not like I’m buying anything extra-special.

If the women were to purchase the correct size, both by cup and measurement, the bra would be pretty comfy.

Being a 42DD, I personally am not comfortable without a bra. I can’t stand not having the support, and if I don’t wear one they wiggle all over the place and feel weird and I am just not happy with it, so I wear a bra (95% of the time underwire) 24 hours a day, except for in the shower or if I’m in the midst of… ahem… something special. I know this is unusual, but the only time I find a bra uncomfortable is if it’s too small or on those awful pain-in-the-armpit occasions when an underwire decides to break free of its little fabric tube and stab me in the side. I need my bra. I can’t do without it. But I have many big-chested friends who don’t feel the same way… I’d be interested to know if any other full-figured gals feel this way.

Antares JB
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Well, AntaresJB, I do have to agree with you to a certain extent. I’m a G cup and find a bra to be a necessary evil. I’ve been professionally fitted and have some good bras that are very comfortable, but there’s nothing like the feeling of pleasure in taking the damned thing off at the end of the day! I usually wear a bra anytime I’m active, but if I’m just lazing around the house it’s nice to set the “girls” free :slight_smile:

24 hours a day? You mean even when you’re sleeping? Mostly, I’m with you. I’m a 40D and I can hardly stand not to have a bra on, but I could never go to sleep with one on.

Glad to know I’m not the only one that that underwire thing happens to.

I feel most uncomfortable without a bra when I’m driving. Odd.

Whoa. I’m starting my study on a high intelligence/enormous tatas correlation (don’t shoot me, I love that word).

yup, carlotta, I even sleep in 'em. Part of that may be due to the fact that I don’t usually change for bed and sleep in my clothes anyway (hey, I’m a college student, whattya want from me?), but most of it is that I feel weird without one. It really annoys me to hav 'em just sitting there, with no support, nothing…

What is an 18-hour bra? Anyone have a link?

And anyone know of a bra that’s hooker-skimpy, sheer and sexy, lifts larger breasts up to the stars, has miniscule thin straps, doesn’t dissolve in the wash, is so comfortable you don’t know you’re wearing it, doesn’t cut or dig in?

I am still looking for that bra.

istara the 18 hour bra is made by Playtex.

Being a 42 C/D (yes they do fluctuate) it is difficult to buy the perfectly fitted device. It is absolutely frustrating cos a C gives wonderful support and gives a very nice shape, but the underwire digs in and after only a few days of wear the bloody things pops out and start cutting me. I’ve tried sewing the fabric around the underwire. A D, allows for non-poking/digging wear, but the support is not as good. So Bren_Cameron, though I do try to buy the best fitting bra, it can be a real pain in the titties to do so. You must indeed be a very lucky woman to not have to worry about such things.

As to wearing one 24/7? No thank you. They are pokey enough when awake, but to be poked every time you roll over in bed? No ta.

I wish I could get hold of a Hanes Her Way, or some similar styling. Here in the UK, the only place I’ve seen larger sized bras are at Evans and Etam - though I’m not keen on Etam. I’ve looked even in such places as Littlewoods… No luck. I suppose I’ll just have to keep looking and keep my fingers crossed summat comfy comes along.

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