Do you wear your bra to bed?

In conversation the other day, it somehow came up that a woman I know wears her bra to bed. I found this rather odd. I was under the impression that people wear either less clothing or looser clothing to sleep in than they do during the day and that includes taking off one’s bra before bed. However, I am vehemently anti-bra in general so it’s possible that I’m allowin that to color my assumptions. So tell me ladies, do you take your bra off before you go to bed?

What did bras ever do to you, huh? :cool:

As for me, no, but on the other hand I dont have a vagina.

Yeah, but what about your moobs? The boys need support too!

(I keed, I keed!)

I wear a bra every day and hate the feeling without a bra or a tight shirt to keep everything from bouncing too much. I always take the bra off before I go to bed though. At my size it would take an ultra-sports bra to keep the girls in place while I’m on my side asleep, so my bra would just crumple and twist uncomfortably.

I actually have never met anyone who would wear a bra to bed, until this thread the thought had never occured to me.

Nope. All my bras except my sports bras are underwire, so, OW, and I am just under the boobage level that would necessitate wearing a bra to bed to avoid, I dunno, boob whiplash or something.

No way.

I don’t, but I can imagine a very large breasted woman would be more comfortable in a bra to keep her boobage under control.

I used to wear a bra to bed, in the days before I bought underwires, but don’t anymore. Even with underwires, every now and again I’ll neglect to take the bra off before bed and it’s really not a problem. I could never see the point of wearing loose clothing to bed, since it would always get all twisted and bunched up, but the bra always stayed put and wasn’t too tight, either.

Not me. I remember asking my mom if you were supposed to wear them to bed when she bought me my first training bra, though. I *think * I’ve heard of some women wearing them to bed when they’re nursing babies - guess it keeps from staining your pjs.

No way! I cringed just reading the thread title. I climb into bed as unencumbered by garments as possible.

I don’t, but I know one girl that does. She buys the cheapy non-supportive stretchy types just for sleeping in, she’s well-endowed and claims it’s more comfortable than sleeping without one.

No freaking way. One of the great joys in life is taking off the contraption at the end of the day and having your husband scratch your back. Ah, bliss. My bras are nowhere near comfy enough for me to want to sleep in them.

There are a couple of reasons one might wear a comfy nursing bra to bed–for protection if your nipples are still tender, to prevent getting your jammies and bed damp (you can put the pads in the bra), that sort of thing.

I know an older woman who claims to wear a bra to bed and has done so for many, many years. Supposedly, it’s to stave off the ravages of gravity for a longer time. I’m nearly as well endowed as she but there ain’t no way I’m going to be in a bra a moment longer than necessary, gravity or not, thank you.

Does she sleep standing up? :confused:

Knowing her, I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s, shall we say, unique?

I wear a sport bra to bed sometimes. I have an occasional issue with soreness and it seems to help. The likelihood of me wearing it to bed goes up with the temperature and whether I’ve spent all day “free-range”, as it were (not often).

I may nap in my underwire, but I never sleep in it. Well not on purpose.

See this makes sense to me but the woman who prompted this thread is not busty. I would estimate that she’s an A cup. If you’re really busty I could see how things could shift so you’re lying on them in some uncomfortable way but I don’t see how that could be the issue in this case.

I take my bra off at the door of the house after I’ve closed the door behind me. Sometimes as I’m closing the door behind me.

I would not wear a bra at all if I could get away with it. When going to bed I wear as little as possible, and that never includes a bra.

I go bra-less as much as possible. In fact, I wear as little clothing as possible at home and prefer to sleep in the nude. I did briefly wear a bra to bed when I had done something painful to one of my breasts, and that helped reduce the pain, but it was extremely uncomfortable and hard for me to sleep that way.