Women, do you wear underwear/panties underneath your pajama pants?

If you ever wear pajama pants or some type of pajama, do you ever have panties on underneath it? I remember growing up I never did and my friends asked if I did one time and when I said no they thought it was really strange. Now I do though. Usually. Also do any of you sleep with your bra on? I had a friend who always slept with her bra on. I cant imagine how uncomfortable that would be to wear every night.

No bra, yes panties.

If I can speak for my wife, she wears panties but no bra. And thick pajamas and socks (she gets cold).

My girlfriend sleeps in whatever she was wearing that day (so shirt and jeans usually), which includes all underwear.

If I do wear pj pants, I only have underwear on if I have my period.

Never wear a bra to bed except for a very few exceptions - mostly if I’m backcountry hiking/camping and sleeping in a tent or backpacking through some country. Then I might leave a sports bra on.

I don’t wear panties, ever. And I sleep naked.

My girlfriend wears underwear under her pajama pants, should she choose to wear anything at all to bed.

EDIT: Also, no bra to bed.

Never wear panties under my Pj’s.

No bra or panties to bed, ever. If anything, a shirt of my husband’s on cold nights.

I can’t imagine wearing panties to bed. Doesn’t seem comfortable at all. Plus, doesn’t that mean you’re wearing the same pair for nearly 24 hours? Or do you slip on a fresh pair before bed?

Never. Usually on my period it’s just a tampon and no undies. It’s important to air things out down there. Plus, I wash each pair of pj pants after wearing so it’s not like I’m constantly exposing my nether regions to the same yuckiness or anything.

I’ll be in my bunk.

I sleep naked, so when I wear PJ’s its just for slouching around the house. And I do wear underwear then, because, well, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ but any clothing directly exposed to its cleaning mechanism should be washed after one wearing, and I don’t really feel like doing that, nor do I own enough PJ pants to make it practical.

Undies and a sports bra under my jammies.

If I wear pjs I never wear underwear. My ma taught me to do it like that when I was a child, citing that “those parts need to get air”. I usually take off my pjs to sleep though, unless it’s very cold.

I don’t own pajamas. I take off my pants and sleep in my shirt most nights.

I shower at night so I don’t put on panties when I go to bed. If I’m not sleeping naked, I have on pj pants.

If I don’t shower before bed, I leave my panties on.

When I get up my “work uniform” is pajamas (work from home) and I put on underwear, for the reason Hello Again stated. I don’t want to be wearing these pj pants tomorrow if they basically served as underwear all day today.

Only wear a bra when in the company of others. Never to bed.

What **ZipperJJ **and Hello Again said. Pajamas take on a whole different meaning when you work from home.

In other words, I have 1 pair of jeans, and 5 pairs of pajama pants. And that fits my clothing needs just fine.

I take my shower when I get up. I put on a clean pair of panties. If I go out, I put on more clothes. When I go to bed, I might sleep in just the panties, or I might put on a nightie or some PJs. But I do wear the panties until the next day’s shower. What, am I supposed to change them halfway through the day or something?

I used to wear panties under my pjs when I was a little girl. Then I read some article that said you could get a yeast infection or something if you did that (have no idea if that’s true), so I started going commando.

I generally sleep in a tshirt and panties, no bra. If it’s cold enough to warrant pajama bottoms, I leave the undies on. I think of chafing. I have never been comfortable going commando on the few occasions I’ve done it.