1st Annual LiveJournal Rabbit-Hole Day: Jan 27

January 27th is LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Sounds interesting. Anyone planning to participate? Do you know what you’re going to write? That’s the day finals end for me, so I think it will feel good to pump some creative juices into this. I’m normally not very creative though, so maybe your crazy, backwards, twisted ideas will inspire me.

Sounds cool. I’ll do it.


Hmmm, never heard of that before, but it should be fun. I don’t get enough excuses for creative writing.

Sounds interesting. Ironically, I just went to post about it on my LJ and my journal seems to be in read only mode.

Wait is that considered ironic or just annoying?

Bumping this because today’s the day.

I posted asking some friends to make me a banner. I don’t think that counts, does it?

Thanks Wile E. I actually forgot myself, and I didn’t end up planning anything. I think maybe it was actually announced too early. :frowning:

I remembered. Nothing too out of the ordinary though, just an unexpected visitor.