1st of the Month--2 for 1

Yep, it’s the first of the month (at least where I am–thanks to the IDL!). We now have the two most mindboggling deluded ones on the board posting on their favorite subjects. Their monomania has gotten rather tiring; however, this time–in separate threads, even–they’ve managed to post some funny stuff.

I give you Peter Morris in the thread "A very specific question about Randi’s million dollar challenge:

The bolding, underlining, and italicization in that quote is mine for the purposes of this thread. For anyone familiar with Peter Morris’s “approach” to the challenge, this is Comedy Gold that can’t be beat.

Well, lekatt was making valiant strides in his latest display of monomania also. Alas, he didn’t beat the aforementioned poster in the contest for the brass ring. I give you Scientists recreate Out-of-Body Experience. He’s up to his old tricks of citing his own website and flat out lying, as demonstrated by Czarcasm in post #154:

But this time, lekatt’s added trolling insinuations (post #166) into the mix:

Guys, y’all really need to get out of the house a bit more. Learn a bit of Science and/or Logic. Of course, it would be nice if y’all would learn both. Or you could just give everone else’s BS meter a break.

Eh, two idiots who will never learn. Pitting them is about as effective as toppling a brick wall with a toothpick. They’ll never change.

Best visual ever!

At this point, I don’t know why anyone would start a Randi-based thread (pro or con) without specifically asking in the OP that Peter Morris not be indulged because he always train-wrecks in exactly the same way. Besides, his interpretation of Randi’s alleged error about “underground rivers” is way off. It’s the premise of the dowsers that underground water flows in specific well-defined channels that can only be found by a sensitive wandering around with a forked stick or two wires or a pendulum or whatever. The reality is that usable seepage is pretty much everywhere. Peter Morris is apparently pissed that pointing out the flaw in a facetious remark of Randi’s (i.e. it’d be more impressive for a dowser to find a dry hole) isn’t worth a million bucks, hence proving that Randi is a demonic puppy-kicker whose head will burst into flame should he ever tell the truth.

Well, maybe there’s more to it, but since Peter keeps coming back to the “dry hole” thing, dressing it up with disparaging remarks about Randi fans, I can’t say I’ve ever been tempted to thoroughly parse his argument.
As for lekatt… well, that’s a whole other levitating kettle of ghost-fish.

**Peter **is an interesting guy. He claims to have painstakingly cited what Randi has been saying about “dry spots” for 25 years, yet is unaware of one of the basic elements of the Challenge that he has applied for, said element being written in black and white for all the world to see.


He also is remarkably silent with regards to an explanation for this oversight. He calls Randi a liar. “Liar” might be too generous for him. “Full of shit, dissembling wanker” seems more to the point.

In all fairness to Peter, if you were to remove his obsession with James Randi from his life, what’s he got left?

I did that once.

With the toothpick of my mind.

Do or do not. There is no try.
Wait, wrong movie.

There is no toothpick.

Dude, will you be my master?

The really weird thing is that, on any subject other than Randi, PM is a perfectly decent, smart and sometimes quite funny poster. He whooshed me a cracker a while back with a shaggy dog story.

Yeah, that’s the weird thing. Whenever I see his username, conditioning makes me cringe, but if the subject is anything other than Randi, there is nothing cringeworthy in there. Ever. It’s only when it comes to Randi that he is completely and irrevocably batshit insane.

Maybe Mr. Morris needs a Handy rule?

Problem is, would feed straight into his persecution argument: he would love to be barred from talking about Randi: it would be a monster brick in the wall of his argument that everyone who denies his position has no real arguments, is close minded, is a lock step Randi-fan, does nothing but abuse him rather than debate etc He would crow about how Dopers were forced to make a rule just for him so that they could stick their fingers in their ears and say “la la la” to avoid hearing The Truth About Randi.

Don’t you mean Pitting them is about as effective as [trying to topple] a brick wall with a toothpick. ?

Coz you know, actually doing it would be as ace as friedo’s mind.

Or have I missed something?

Yeah, frankly, anyone tough enough to topple a brick wall with a toothpick can pretty much talk about whatever he wants, in my book.

Well, lekatt finally admits (Post #247) he knowingly touts false “information” on his favorite subject.

Peter Morris appears to be bitterly star-struck by his interactions with Randi.

While lekatt comes across like a rather smug pamphleteer, with a few stock defences to logical rebuttal, the most annoying of which is totally ignoring your questions and linking to his website. But at least his fantasies involve unconditional love as opposed to suicide cults or killing sprees, so I would offer him a hand in climbing out of the Pit, with the condition* that he answers my direct questions once in a while.

*I don’t do unconditional love, personally.

In fairness, he did no such thing. He’s still a loon, but overstating your case doesn’t help matters.

I apologize if I was wrong. Apparently I have only been noticing Peter Morris’ posts on the subject of Randi.