2 coeds, 1 burning question...

To Zoom Pitty, the delightful BlackKnight and any others who may have inquired why we have a limited supply of males at our disposal making this situaltion plausable, the answer is simple, we are too old to have sex with strangers anymore and we haven’t made a new friend since junior high! Since it has been like a decade since we were in Junior high, we have pretty much done every male friend we have that was worth doing leaving us the option of recycling. I guess we could try to make new friends and make this whole issue a rather moot point, but making friends is hard!

I would like to formally welcome you to the dope boards but I don’t know how. Welcome. I have to agree with Giraffe on this. It should be a personal choice. If you think the same guy should count(not for virginity) than go ahead if it’s what you want. If you think you want different guys, than find a different guy. You said guys are short to come by, take a day or more trip somewhere and find someone. If you live in a place like I do, there’s a bar every twenty miles. Just stop in and find someone that isn’t hanging around a girl or totally drunk and have fun. Other than that, I can only say good luck.

Oh honey do you have a promblem you’d like to share? We promise to be real nice…

I’ve always wanted a nemesis. The question is, should I call you my nemesises, or nemesi?

Decisions, decisions.

Call 'em nemesisters

True, but not that hard. Heck, it looks like you’ve already made a lot of new friends on the boards due to the nature of your original post. :slight_smile:

Welcome, BTW!

Perfect! Thank you Chrome Spot.

Now, nemesisters, prepare to meet your doom! The BlackKnight always triumphs! :wink:

Pick me! Pick me!

You’re only too old to have sex with strangers when you’re too old for strangers to have sex with you.

[drunk romanian]
"I’m feeling very into… sisters…
[/drunk romanian]

Welcome to the SD… make sure you have your clothes on when you leave.

Now then…
It sounds like the majority of the 10 have been scored by your friend, so you have some catching up to do. However, to truly open up your play book, why don’t you pick some California living schmuck with glasses and an IT job (ahem) and team up on him? That way you would have no problems with deciding how to count the 10, you may decide that you like a flavor other than vanilla and who knows what could happen?

I get off at midnite, I’ll meet you at the days in on Olson off Zinfandel… take 50 to get there…
bring ice.

I feel compelled to note that you are all sinners and are hereby condemned to eternally burn in the eternal flaming fiery conflagrations of eternal Hell for all everlasting eternity and forever.

But if you’re cool with that I know some guys at work who would probably love to, er, make like bunnies.

Then you're in the wrong place, because there is no stranger bunch than Dopers... [sub] but we're mostly harmless...I swear[/sub]

and it sounds like you’re just not finding it hard to make friends, you need a hard friend…

Judging by your OP, it’s obviously not.
::running, dodging, laughing away::

"Dear Penthouse Forum . . . "

your humble TubaDiva
"I know you won’t believe this happened, but . . . "

I don’t advise basing any decisions on drunken logic.

Or you may have something else burning…

No, that’s cruel. (But true enough…)

Wow, a girl goes away for the weekend and everyone comes out looking to get laid! I am afraid that everyone’s hopes of a good threesome with the bunnies are about to be dashed given we live in two totally different states these days, but I guess if you are okay with just one of us we do have pretty much the entire west coast covered…

from another newbie (one who doesn’t like to capitalize)

this is a little off the subject but…

why is it that everytime pink bunny posts, her post number does not go up? it looks to me like she has written 7 posts about 5 times. feel free to move this to an appropriate place black knight but let me know where – i’m still learning my way around.

and vestal blue – while writing this post, i don’t see the quote button anymore. do you have to click it before you go in to your reply?

So like I was saying, take 80 to 50, get off at Zinfandel exit, then proceed to my place for lots more getting off… hehehehe

My reply to you Pink Bunny is that sex before marriage on any level is just plain wrong. But I suppose if you must then sharing the same man would definatly count as only 1. It is one for you and one for her but in the physical world that we live in only one guy got laid.

You know, both bunnies will be in So Cal in a few short week so maybe if you’re real nice we could be available for entertainment purposes. Of course we really don’t know our way around so we’ll need better directions…

Hint: Start on the 101