2 coeds, 1 burning question...

A little while ago, my best friend and I were taken on a walk by some vodka (or something like that, there was a lot of vodka involved)when our sex lives came up. We decided that by this point in our lives we should have had sex with ten people (combined)in order to enjoy respectable lives. But alas, our count only came to nine, we were one lucky guy short.

Since my friend is currently envolved in a rather committed relationship, the duty fell to me. Which leads us to our problem: If I have sex with someone she’s already had sex with does that count as number ten or was it just a rerun of a previous number? Keep in mind, the majority of our nine are hers and we have only a limited supply of available males so the chances of this coming up are very high.

Please help us, it’s eating us up inside!

Ummmm… let be the first to say I think this belongs in a different forum. Your asking someone’s opinion on this matter (hint hint In My Humble Opinion maybe). If your gonna post here know where to post things. Since this is your first time no one will be mean to you. But to your question I think the people have to be different to count. My opinion though why do you have to sleep with a certain number of people to lead a good life? I’ve sleep with a grand total of 2 people my entire life and I’m pretty damn sure that I’ve had the most fulfilling life I possibly could. Vodka does strange things to people. I’d just forget about the incident and chalk it up to being intoxicated.

Conceited much?

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Not concieded BlackNight, just female. I’m afraid we have been conditioned (you know, by society, the media, and such) that when it comes to sex, we win. Unfortunatly the job comes with way more fake orgasims than seem fair, but what’s a girl to do?

Oh and thank you for the welcome…you’re not interested in being number ten are you?

My, my. It is true what they say about bunnies… :smiley:

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One question seems in order here.
You say you have a limited number of males available.

This makes me think you are in some kind of a secluded environment.

Don’t you ever get a chance to travel? If the answer is yes,
how talented do you think you are in getting laid?

I’ll have to disagree with MTG here. The people don’t have to be different to count. That would mean having sex with you is exactly the same as having sex with your girlfriend, in which case you’d have (at least) 5, too, so you’d both be over ten.

(Don’t worry; my checkbook doesn’t balance, either.)

I would normally agree with you Dr.Pinky, but since they are “pooling” their resources I think it makes a difference. You see since they have put them together if they both slept with that person their name should just have some sort of ummm… uhhh… note by their name denoting that he’s been slept with by each one, but that it doesn’t count because it’s the same.

So, Pink Bunny… How You doin’?

If you had sex with your friend would that count as one or two? I noticed in your op (original post) that you were counting the number of people not guys and if you you do each other that should count as two and bring you to 11. However haere at the Straight Dope we like proof so you will have to photgraph the event and post links to them here.

Or let me watch.

Will not make sexist remark … will not make sexist remark … bites insides of cheeks to keep from speaking :wink:

Sadly, I think you have something here. The entire idea of sex being something that is won or lost is repugnant, but lots of people do see it that way.

  1. Find a better sexual partner (I’m sure you’ll find a plethora of volunteers here at the SDMB)
  2. Learn to work solo, if you know what I mean.
  3. Hi Opal! (Don’t ask; eventually, someone will explain)

Thank you, but losing my virginity to someone just so that they can cut another notch on their bedpost doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding someone, though.

I’m curious though, why is there a limited number of males around?

Hmm… Hi Opal. Hi Opal… ::enunciates:: Um, am I getting this right or should I go to some sort of SDMB boot camp?

Why are you counting yourself and your friend as a pair? If you’re going to set an arbitrary standard for how many sex partners you should have had by a certain point in your life, it should be an individual thing. In which case, of course it doesn’t matter if there’s overlap.

Now, if you want to set a standard for how many guys you and your friend should have had sex with together, that’s a different kettle of fish altogether…

(To answer the actual OP, if you each screw the same guy, you each get a point for it. Otherwise, what if you had each only had sex once, with the same guy? Would that mean that the two of you as a pair had only had sex once, total? Making one of you a virtual virgin? Too complicated.)

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  1. It’s an inside joke
  2. OpalCat doesn’t like 2-item lists, so she always adds “I don’t like 2-item lists” (or something like that) as #3 whenever she only had 2 things listed
  3. Hi Opal! :smiley:

Sorry for the delay in responding but the Pink Bunny Twins had work and school this morning. As soon as we figure out how to quote other posts in our response we will certainly respond toeach and every one of you to the best of our collective abilities…well except maybe BlackKnight, we’ve only been around on this board for like 12 hours yet already we may have found a worthy nemesis.

Based on the thread title, I expected my response to be:

No, it isn’t supposed to hurt when you pee.

Alas, that isn’t so appropriate after all.

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Only 12 hours or so old on the boards, huh? I do so love cute newbies…

C’mere, let ole unca VB corrupt you early; pick up some cinnamon oil and a bottle of 151 on the way.

Unless of course you’re younger than 21, in which case forget the hootch.

obfus, personally, I was wondering why to coeds were burning Inqusitive Question Mark. Seemed awfully cruel to me…

Sorry for taking so long and hacking your post up like that but it was the best I could do! Anyway as far as this being the right or wrong forum for this, we don’t see this so much as a poll but a deep philosophical discussion based on drunk talk which need not be taken too seriously. We believe the reason 10 became the ideal for this probably has nothing to do with anything outside of the fact that when you are drunk it’s still pretty easy to figure out how many fingers to hold up. Think about it, get really smashed and figure out how many fingers equal 7, it’s hard! But the point is, take it easy if you’re happy we’re happy and remember drunk talk sparks many brilliant ideas…