Number of Sexual Partners

From this thread and a conversation I had with Mrs. robgruver and robfriend it caused me to rethink my ideas on wheter the number of sexual partners can interfere with a relationship.

A random poll of the people at last nights WWF Unforgiven showed this.

Male, 25, married: 1 partner
Female, 26, married: 2 partners
Male, 22, single: 10 partners
Female, 25, married: 9 partners (4 women)
Male, 25, married: 49 partners (7 men)

The last two on the list are my wife, and myself. Now, as you can see the first two (a married couple) have only limited sexual experience, whereas the last two have lots (or in my case, tons) of it.

I can proudly say that I have yet to have a problem with the number of sexual partners I have had, but the OP in the above linked thread seems to have a problem with the small (by my reckoning only) number of partners that her SO has had.

So the information I am curious of is threefold:

How many sexual partners have you had?
Your stats (sex/age/marital status)?
What (if any) problems have you had due to this number?

Female, 34, married: 35 partners … no problems at all

Male, 28 (29 tomorrow), married, 7 partners

Male, 34, married, 1(current)partner ,no problems

divorced, 47 years old, living with someone (imthjckaz, for about two years) nine previous partners, total: ten


Male/37/single (divorced)/20 partners

No particular problems that a good dose of antibiotics haven’t cured (that’s a joke, folks)

M/43/37 partners

Male 53, married–in the neighborhood of 40, if I remember correctly.

My wife has had around six.

Now if she watched the WWF, that would really bother me.

Male, 40, married, 8 partners.

The only problem was that the 8 partners came in groups of two or three, with long dry spells in between. Until I got married, that is…

Single male, 29. Total 7.5 partners, broken down thus:

7 female (2 professional)

0.5 male (difficult to explain).

No real problems from this number yet, though I was guilty of lying about the total when I was much younger. Before I’d reached my current total, that is.


Male, 28, 6 partners

Female, 18, serious relationship, 3 partners. My SO is 18 and has had 1 partner (me). No problems thus far.

Could you define “had”?

F 26,
::counts on fingers::
8 partners.

Male, 37, married 10 years, 35 partners, give or take a couple (I got around a fair bit in the Nav, and I’m sure I forgot one or two…). Never caused any problems, but it has raised the occasional “Where’d you learn that?” question.

age 42, widowed.
I regretted 4 of them.
I was just doing it casue they wanted to and expected it.
I loved my husband and enjoyed it with him.
I didn’t enjoy it with the others.
I would be proud to answer only 1.

Female, 39, Divorced, 19 partners (6 female). No problems and since I believe in full disclosure, I am more than willing to discuss the past partners if asked by the present partner. Which they invaribly do.

Male, 23, very single. 1 partner.

Only problem with that number is that I get horny a lot.