2 Netscape questions

It is necessary for me to start using Netscape Navigator and Messenger. I have always used IE5 and Outlook Express. However, lately, IE has been freezing up on me. In Outlook Express, there is an option for it to check my ISP for new mail at any interval I set. I use it for “ping” my ISP so I don’t lose my connection. Is there a same type option in Netscape? Incedently, it is Nesscape 4.75. My second question concerns Netscape’s bar across the top of the browser that has the back, forward etc. buttons. Is there a way to configure it, like add buttons and delete others like you can do with IE5? Specifically, to add a “mail” button.

Second question: No. I think you can in the new open-source NS6, but you gotta learn how to program.

First question: I think there’s an option under Checking Mail in Edit:Preferences to tell it how often to check the mail server.

In Netscape 6, you can customize the toolbar. Adding that “mail” button would be possible. In 4.75, it would not.

As for checking email at given intervals, this is also possible in Netscape 4.75. (edit > preferences > mail & newsgroups > mail servers > edit > [place check in box to check mail every x minutes])

Thanks for the info. I have used IE5 for so long, Netscape is like a “whole new world”. :smiley: