2 part question: Hub's B-day & Stanley Steemer for cars?

How’s that for a bizarre thread title? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, The Husbank’s B-day is the 23rd, and he’s impossible to buy for because what he wants, he buys for himself more or less instantly. He’s indifferent to food so going all out to cook makes no impression. In short, it’s really hard to surprise him with anything.

I happened to be cruising the Stanley Steemer site because the carpet in this house is old but serviceable, and a little grubby from the move etc. (I’ll replace it eventually, but I want a barn first :slight_smile: ) I happened to see that they do cars/boats/RVs too! Hub’s car is an old Scion, and it’s frankly gross. I think he needs a new car, but he’s got his eyes on a plane (that’s a post for another day…) and is happy enough in his old beater car w/ 130k+ on it. So I thought perhaps getting his car professionally cleaned might be a nice thing, 'cuz it’s not something he would do for himself.

So, Question The First: Anyone used SS to get a car detailed?
Question The Second: Any other birthday ideas for the man who doesn’t stint himself, ever? He needs stuff like nice work shirts and socks, but that’s boring, and he’s not particularly touchy-feely so a massage wouldn’t be his cuppa either. Been w/ him for 30 years and I still don’t know what to do, sigh…


This should have been two separate threads. Combining them is rather annoying.

LIke your husband I tend to buy stuff for myself if I really want it. I do however have at any given time a (mental) list of stuff I’d like but can’t quite justify getting myself. I started leaving a list of such things in a document stored on the desktop of our home computer where Mrs P can find it which eases the difficulty of choosing things for me.

But, boring as the socks/shirts/ties thing is, I don’t know about your husband but by the sound of him he may well be like me: I couldn’t really care about clothes and resent time spent buying the necessaries. Consequently, I actually quite like getting ties etc as gifts because it saves me having to get them for myself.

Well, I didn’t, sorry to offend. Do you have any helpful suggestions?

Alas, Mr saje has few, if any, reservations. :rolleyes:

I guess I should ask him about that. He gets that sort of stuff for Christmas now and then and seems pleased but not thrilled. Poor man wants his B-day to be special, but it’s tough. He earns 99% of the money, and I do 99% of everything else so I can’t even do his chores for him - he doesn’t have any. Ah well, guess the car detailing may be the way to go.

HAS anyone used Stanley Steemer for cars?

Never used SS for detailing, but there are lots of detail outfits out there.
Many of them can do wonders to a car both inside and out. Does SS do exteriors? If not I would suggest finding a local outfit that does. I work at a car dealer and you would be amazed at what a good buff and clay bar can do for the paint job on a car. This assumes, of course the paint is in good shape but faded. If the paint is destroyed, oh well.

Then of course if he wants a plane, you could just buy him that, I understand 737s are nice. :wink:

You could get him an experience rather than a thing - a really nice shave, a massage, facial, something like that that he wouldn’t think to get himself? Or a modest weekend trip away?

Blowjobs are always, in my experience, appreciated. And you don’t have to keep the receipt.

Has he ever told you that you don’t have to get him a present? I’d bet that he has. I would love it if my wife would stop giving me presents. My parents have been married 50 years and have never exchanged presents. If you like receiving presents he can still give you presents, but you do not have to give him presents if he doesn’t want them.

Someone always says “blowjob”, but the thing about that is that you are either good at giving them and are doing it regularly already or you’re not good at it and don’t do it in which case it’s not much of a gift. Unless you’re willing to let someone else deliver it, in which case you would be the best wife ever.

So, getting his car detailed (by Stanley Steemer or other) is out of the question as a birthday gift?

I have a Hoover carpet cleaner that I’ve used on automotive carpets and upholstery. It came with a flexible hose and attachments. Works really well.

I like the idea of the car detail. You are right, he will never do it himself. If the car is in fairly good shape paint and interior-wise, it will probably make that car look and feel new, well almost new. You may find that you like the “new” car, at least better then you do now. A local detailer is usually best. I have no experience with SS though. Use Angie’s List perhaps?

Another Idea is a check ride in an unusual aircraft. If my wife bought a ride or flight lesson for me in a Stagger-wing Beech, or a Grumman Widgeon, or a Goose, that would just make my year. A P-38 lightning, a Helio-Courier, a mark XIII Spad, or any other WWI or II aircraft would do! One can dream can’t he?

As for "Failing wife 101, No you are not!! Come on now, Thirty years? Give me a break, he’s got a good one and he knows it! Trust me, I am only at 27.75 years and I’ve known for over 26 of these years myself.

As someone else mentioned, perhaps his birthdays are just not important to him, they are not to me. Like him, I buy what I want. My family knows that birthday presents and/or parties are not necessary for me. They are just not my cup of tea. However, if celebrating them is important to you, then he will probably enjoy you enjoying them.

IHTH, 48.

Buy him a pony.

Oh, wait, you don’t have a barn.

I agree with the idea of getting his car detailed. Also buy a dozen or so Lottery scratchers and put them in the glove compartment.

Steak and a blow job. Then go away and let him watch football all weekend. Toss a sammich and another beer in his man cave at half time or between games. Run interference, and prevent children, animals, neighbors, and other annoyances from interfering with football watching. More sammiches and beers. Maybe another blow job.