2005 VMAs: 3 hours of my life wasted? Or 120 minutes that I'll never get back again?

Highlight of the evening: MC Hammer. (Six words I never thought I’d utter.)

Lowlight of the evening: R. Kelly embarrassing himself by lip-syncing/pantomiming a new chapter to his ridiculous “Closet” video saga. Why the hell does a song this bad get produced and performed on live television?
And I’m a little surpirsed Kelly Clarkson closed the show. I thought they usually saved a really huge act/surprise for the closer. I would’ve rather seen Hammer given a little more airtime and let him close the show. Or, this being Miami, had a giant medley of Latin artists close it out. Or Michael Jackson(!).
Thoughts? Favorites? Any ideas as to where they cryogenically store Kurt Loder’s body between award shows?


Additional topic of discussion: Why am I under the impression there are only 120 minutes in a three-hour award show?

Watching MTV causes missing time? Interesting.

On the other hand, I guess you got about an hour of commercials and two hours of “show.”

I didn’t see it, was it Hammer performing an old hit that was a highlight, or what?

Hammer performed ‘U Can’t Touch This.’

And, honestly, am I the only friggin’ person who watched this? Or just the only friggin’ person man enough to admit it. :wink:


You’re not counting the hour of commercials?

I, too, watched the VMAs.

To begin with, it should be noted that Hammer did NOT perform the entire song (which I thought was especially lame). Hammer is the coolest and the entire audience seemed really into his minute long snippit of You Cant Touch This.

That seemed to be a theme: short bits of songs, thrown together, during odd medleys (or, as 50 cent called them: “melodies”). For instance, they did the little Puerto Rican, Reggeaton production where each artist sang about 30 seconds (Daddy Yankee included, who sings the hit song Gasolina). That just seemed silly- I’d rather hear the entire song.

Is it me or did “Diddy’s” intro seem like a bad Las Vegas show? He was trying so hard…aye.

Shakira is so, friggin’ hot. I want to have her hot, latin babies. :smiley:

Oh, I wrote an entry in my journal about Jessica Simpson, Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Ms. Lohan (nothing too indepth, but linked in the sig).

I have to say, the show seemed better than last year. I miss Jimmy Fallon hosting- he did that HILARIOUS intro with him singing remakes of all the songs (Hot in Here, Hero, etc).

Oh and um, see! Right there in the sig! :smack:

Oh for the love of…

Don’t you have Tivo? The show went like this: Boobies, boobies, The Rock Song not by Greenday, Beavis and Butthead, boobies, fin.

Wait, you just learned that any big MTV production number is a waste of your time NOW?

They still make videos?

Didn’t see it, but watched the photos as they passed over the AP wire.

Dopers, the noughts are the new '70s. Horrible hair (especially the faux short-haired mohawks), horrible clothes, White Stripes clones everywhere, mixing white and black clothes and Jessica Simpson looking like a combination between a rabid French maid and an Edward Gorey character.

Yeah, I had A Flock of Seagulls in my yut, but there was very little then that looks embarrassing now. This was the nadir of lame.

Except for Shakira, of course.