2006 World Series -- Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Game 1 getting ready to go.

The Cards aren’t going to win – if you talk to anyone outside Missouri, that is. Of course, they weren’t going to win against the Padres and they definitely weren’t going to win against the Mets. But they’re here.

And here they go.

On-screen graphic:

Keys to the Game for the Cardinals:
Looking to win 1, want 2.


I’m not expecting them to win—don’t want to set myself up for disappointment—but wouldn’t it be sweet if they did?

And they are now ahead 4 to 1. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but they’re leading in the series, and I’m savoring it while I can.

Chris Duncan, RBI double.

Albert Pujols, two-run home run.

Me, ecstatic.

Now, back to the game thread at Viva El Birdos.

So do they pitch to Pujols again this series?

If Edmonds keeps chasing the high fastball, no. I swear, he’s swinging at fastballs that are somewhere in Auburn Hills.

7-1 Cardinals…

I am so stoked! Go Jimmy and the boys!


A-Rey goes 8 innings, gives up 2 runs and the Cardinals win.

Sounds good to me! Now let’s see what Dream Weaver can do tomorrow night against the Roasted Chicken Man.

I thought for a while the Tigers were swinging just to give Reyes a complete game. Ugh.
I swear Detroit teams are only good if we’re the underdogs, we’ve got a chip on our shoulders and we’ve got something to prove to the world. When 94.26% of the country says we’re gonna dominate, we suck. Just look at the 2005-06 Pistons and Red Wings.

I believe it is still the first team to win 4. Relax. Pujoles is a great hitter,but they will pitch to him.

The Tigers didn’t help themselves by going up there hacking. With the rookie on the mound I expected them to try and work the count a little more.
The forecast for Sundays game doesn’t look good. Ther’re saying gametime temps in the low 40’s with rain turning to snow late.

I personally feel sorry for the people I’ll be sitting next to at the games at Busch. I haven’t washed my lucky Pujols jersey in awhile, and its starting to stink thanks to that sweatfest of a game seven.

I’m debating whether or not I should wash at least one of my Cards t-shirts, which have been in heavy rotation for game days. One of them has pizza on it, so it may be tomorrow’s “I’m not going anywhere but need the good mojo” shirt.

If you wash your shirt and the Cardinals lose, are you going to leave town quietly or will we have to run you out on a rail?

Hey, I put up with enough crap for being a Cardinal fan in the heart of Reds Country.

The upside is, of course, that I can almost assuredly point out the standings at any time and shut them up if they talk smack.