2007 NFL Predictions Thread

Ummm…guys? You do know the season starts in 26 hours, right? So let’s get those predictions out there! Remember, if you don’t put it on the line now, then we’ll nothing to mock you for in four months time – and really, what fun would that be?

No set format or rules here, make any and all predictions that you like.

Me, I’ll be doing a finishing order for each division, with some heavy commentary on the home division of my beloved Giants:

NFC East

  1. NY Giants
  2. Dallas
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Washington
    The only team that gives me concern here is the Cowboys. Romo proved himself an above average QB last season, and won’t be saddled with kick holding duties this time around. They made some offseason moves that will make them an all over more well-rounded team. However, the Giants kept pace and more. Eli’s progression is becoming more and more tangible, and as long as the receiving corps can stay resonably healthy, they’ll take this without too much trouble. My biggest worry is Brandon Jacobs – I can easily see him getting the “bust” label before the end of the season. He was brought in to bring the ball home when a receiver was tackled on the 1 or 2-yard line (a position they found themselves in an awful lot). His quote at the time was “I will not be denied one yard!”. Umm…then why do we keep seeing you get stood up at the line of scrimmage?

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like Philly sports talk radio this time of year. It’s a non-stop laugh-riot of moronic rah-rah optimism without an ounce of reality behind it. One station compiled the predictions of 28 local broadcasters and writers – 22 of them had the Eagles in the NFC Championship. These chuckleheads couldn’t be more deluded if you hollowed out their skulls and packed them full of brown acid. Get it right, guys: Your QB is washed up. Your defense sucks. You cannot stop the run. The NFC Championship?? Are you fricking kidding me? Spend every night for the next four months praying to the football gods, and maybe…maybe…they’ll grant you a one-and-done Wild Card slot. About the only positive thing an Eagles fan with any brains (yeah, I know…) can say is “Well…at least we’re not Redskins fans”.

NFC West

  1. Seattle
  2. San Francisco
  3. Arizona
  4. St. Louis
    San Fran makes a good effort of it, but Alexander and the 'Hawks get one more playoff year.

NFC North

  1. Green Bay
  2. Chicago
  3. Minnesota
  4. Detroit
    Good Rex gets trumped by Bad Rex, Lord Favre gets his last hurrah.

NFC South

  1. Atlanta
  2. New Orleans
  3. Carolina
  4. Tampa Bay
    News of the Falcons’ death is extremely premature. Losing #7 will turn out to be the best thing that ever to the franchise.

AFC East

  1. New England
  2. Miami
  3. NY Jets
  4. Buffalo
    Perhaps some wishful thinking about the 'Fins, but it’s not really going to matter – Pats will be an easy 5-1 in the division.

AFC West

  1. San Diego
  2. Denver
  3. Oakland
  4. Kansas City
    Out Of The Basement, v.1: The Raider Nation goes from pathetic to mediocre.

AFC North

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Baltimore
  4. Cleveland
    Is there anything I can say here that isn’t going to be shredded by most of this board?

AFC South

  1. Indianapolis
  2. Tennessee
  3. Houston
  4. Jacksonville
    Out Of The Basement, v.2: The Texans start moving toward respectibility. Maybe they’ll get there before the decade is up.


I think you’re wrong about the Eagles chances. You have to remember that the NFC is practically the minor league of the NFL right now, and, despite Donovan’s continuing recovery and any problems they have on defense, the only NFC teams I would put ahead of them as far as Super Bowl chances would be the Saints and the Bears.

I’ll post my predictions tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to advertise the SDMB Fantasy Football Auction league, drafting tonight, in a little over an hour. If you have nothing to do tonight and want to participate, feel free to join.

The thread about it is on the first page in this forum. You can get the relevant information about how the draft will work there and on the league’s Yahoo page. Cliff Notes: $200 bankroll, bids in $1 increments, standard scoring/rosters (16 players per team) – other than the draft, it’s a regular FF league.
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NFC East: Dallas

NFC: Dallas

The rest? Who knows?

I think Airman Doors summed up my predictions pretty well here.

By the way, it’s Thursday and there’s a game tonight. Who’s gonna start the Week 1 thread?

Hal you are insane.

Romo has “proven” himself? Since when does playing 6 good games equal proving yourself? McNabb is washed up? Fragile maybe, but hardly washed up. This is the same QB that was pretty much the consensus MVP for the first 6 weeks of the season. The Eagles D sucks? Sure they can’t stop the run, they never have yet somehow they still manage to win the NFC East 5 out of the last 6 years. Eli Manning? We shall see. I don’t recall much in the way of progress. What I do recall is a severe drop off in production from September to December. This is not what I would call progress. How do you figure the Giants are better after the retirement of their best player? I am watching this thread just so come December I can openly laugh and point at you. Seriously your bias is showing through.

NFC East

Cowboys *

NFC West

San Fran

You got this division correct. The seahawks will win the division but probably at 9-7, maybe 10-6. The Rams will suck this year, now that is a horrible D.

NFC South

Carolina *

Further proof of your insanity. The falcons will be HORRIBLE this year. They have Joey Harrington!! And still no WRs, with Dunn hurt they are screwed, plus that D is very inconsistent.

NFC North

Minn *

Grossman will be better, still a gunslinger who will throw to many picks but that D will get them through. Benson will be ok. Minn will run the ball and stop the run. They won’t be better then 8-8 but the combination of run O and D will prove effectiove. GB, now here is a QB who is washed up. Detroit is Detroit.

  • equals wildcard, I am not sure which of 3 it will be but it will be 2 of DAL, MIN, CAR.

AFC East


NE walks away with this division. Miami looks more like the sleeper pick it was last year, Buffalo’s D is just horrible, Clemens starts by week 7 for the Jets.

AFC West


Both SD and DEN are very good teams, but I have faith in LT2. OAK has a very good D and with a better QB will win more games. LJ will break down this season

AFC South


D over O any day of the week. Plus 2nd year of McNair will be better as will McGahee over Lewis. CIN D will be slightly better, but the O will be explosive. PITT, nope, Big Ben is over rated and rarely does a new coach win a lot in the 1st season. CLE begins the Brady bunch era sooner rather then later.

AFC North


Peyton is still Peyton, JAX steps back with the QB controversy, HOU is finally close to 500 with Schaub and the new and improved WR core. TEN, sorry Mr. Young your D stinks, and you have no WRs.

Hal, exactly what about the They Might (not) Be Giants makes you so optimistic this year? Is it the fact that most of the players can’t stand their coach? Maybe it’s because 40% of their offense retired and they replaced it with, well, nothing? Oh, I got it; this is the year Eli finds out that isn’t adopted and is supposed to play like his bigger, older, more talented brother? No, no wait, its because Strahan came back and has something to prove? The Giants fell apart in the second half of last year and I don’t see that changing.

I agree Philly isn’t as good as last year, the Cowboys are a push, and I think the Skins will be respectable this year, but I think New York is going to be lucky to go 8-8. There is no way 3 teams from our division make the playoffs this year. The division will probably look more like this:

NFC East
Dallas Cowgirls 10-6
Philly Iggles 9-7
Wash’ton Skins 8-8
NY Giants 8-8

Just popping in to say I predict Colts and the Under tonight; no action.

Humm. Living in Japan, and without cable for a while, so I can’t even see the one game a week they show, and no ESPN news, I can only predict that there will be winners and losser, again, this year.

Browns beat Steelers in the upset of the week.

No one expected us to beat the Ravens who’d stomped us twice in 2003 in the home opener in '04, but the Browns can play inspired football in the first few weeks of the season until their spirits are crushed. I was at that game, too - electric - best sporting event I’ve ever been to.

Pittsburgh is going to have a rough start with all of the turmoil on offense. Browns fans all had a laugh when they promoted Bruce “6 yard routes on 3rd and 9” Arians to be their OC. The Browns should’ve won the first matchup last year until Crennel decided to make the worst possible choices available to him in the 4th quarter consistently. I’m hoping for Winslow to pick up hair boy by his precious mane and swing him around a few times, and Wimbley to pull a “Turkey Jones” (points if you know the reference) on Roethlisburger.

I’m seeing a 24-17 type score.

Anyway, yay, football season.

Well, hey, that’s something different. Usually it takes until about week 4 for the Browns season to be over - we started early this year.

There’s no excuse at this point for not starting Quinn. There’s no way he’s worse than the sorry excuses for starters currently in the lineup.