2008 Presidential Candidate Matcher

I found this linked from Kucinich’s wiki article. See where you stand. Please post your results (preferably including the worst match as well) and discuss.

I got 58 for Paul, no one else over 20, and the majority in the negative. Strangely, Giuliani was at the very bottom with -27.

Gravel?? Are you kidding me?

Kucinich 76.

The first mainstream candidate on my list is Obama. No big surprise.

Paul 19, Hackabee -18.

My preferred at this point is Obama, but I only got +4.

This test is crap, though, as far as I’m concerned. I rated too many issues “meh”.

Agreed. Several of these “issues” are things over which a president has little or no control. And I have plenty of other issues which concern me and which are not on the list.

Kucinich 16, Romney -18

Frankly, I’d be hard pressed to think of a candidate I’d be less likely to vote for than Kucinich.

Tancredo 20, Dodd -18

God… I agree with Mr. Bomb-Mecca this much? I want to go take a shower.

I’m Canadian but it’s possible I might end up south before too long so I thought I’d do this just for fun. It just so happens that it gave me around about what I thought:

Top 3:

Kucinich (83)
Gravel (67 - no disagreements, however)
Obama (46 - out of the contenders, this is who I do like)

Bottom 3:

Hunter (-76)
Tancredo (-72)
Romney (-72)

Kucinich 45
Romney -41

I’ll vote for either Kucinich or Obama (score of 23) in the primaries, leaning towards Obama.

Just for fun (US resident, but not a citizen):

Kucinich (70) was top.

Hunter (-65) was bottom.

Best mainstream candidate was Obama. First Republican was Ron Paul.

Who the hell is this “Gravel” I came up with?

Hunter 110
Tancredo 95

Democrat from Alaska. Kinda the Dem’s version of Ron Paul… not precisely an extremist, but kind of the sort of looney who is somewhat tangential to his party’s norm.

Kucinich 72
The only positive scoring Republican was Ron Paul, at 13.

I left the weights of most of the issues as meh, and ended up with Romney at 3 and Obama at 2. Then I firmed up my choices and got Obama at 12.

Kucinich 87
Hunter -90

I noticed that Thompson at -25 did better than Guliani -27. Didn’t I tell you guys that Thompson wasn’t as conservative as he seemed?

What happened to Biden? He’s practically a stick in the mud.

Someone needs to talk to these guys about No Child Left Behind. It sucks and they’re supporting it.

Top Matches (with disagreements)

Kucinich 36
No Child Left Behind, Assault Weapons Ban

Richardson 26
Death Penalty, Patriot Act, Same-Sex Marriage

Gravel 26
(you have no disagreements with this candidate)

Bottom Matches

Hunter -31
Romney -34

Top Matches:

McCain 20
Huckabee 17
Hunter 16

Bottom Matches

Kucinich -17
Clinton -13
Obama -12

I don’t see myself voting for McCain, in 2000 I did, but I think he’s quite simply too old to be President right now. Plus I think he’s moved in a somewhat less than satisfactory position on some issues.

Most of the issues were “meh” to me.

The only ones which were labeled important were: Abortion Rights (oppose), ANWR Drilling (support), Kyoto (oppose), Assault Weapons Ban (oppose), Citizenship Path for Illegals (support), Border Fence (oppose), Iran Sanctions (support), Iraq War (support), Iraq Troop Surge (support), Universal Healthcare (oppose).

I only labeled one as key, Iraq Withdrawal (oppose).

Kucinich 57
Gravel (who?) 52 (no disagreements)
Obama 33

Huckabee -44
Tancredo -45
Romney -58
Hunter -60

I’ve long known I was simpatico w/ Kucinich. Was fortunate that when my family and I traveled to DC in 2002 or 3, we got to see him give a stirring speech against the war in the Capitol.