2009 Election Results

Looks like a GOP sweep of Virginia’s top three spots.

And it looks like an early lead in NJ for the GOP candidate, too.

I’m not unhappy.

Any early results on the Maine SSM vote?

Pro-same sex marriage is up 55-45, but only 3% reporting, so I wouldn’t make too much of it.

The race is closing in New Jersey. Corzine is still trailing, but there’s only a 4500 vote gap between them.

It’s strange, because I knew we were going to lose Virginia, but I’m still pissed off.

Didn’t just lose, got crushed by 20%

It looks like Christie has a substantial lead in New Jersey, but they’re expecting it to get closer.

Doom. Sackcloth and ashes. Woe is us. Obama might as well abdicate in favor of Sarah Palin. Wait, can he do that?

That should be a warning what not to do in a base election in 2010, but I bet the Democrats will take exactly the wrong lesson from that crushing.

Huzzah! Republican Victory! Hopefully a general sweep of Virginia and New Jersey, the Congressional seats, and the mayoral races.

Pro-side is still up 52.5% with 14% reporting.


(allowing medical marijuana is winning with about 2/3 right now)

I think it is mistake to judge any Republican victories as a repudiation of the 2008 election. And, from what I understand, the NY Rep race is kind of a non-event since that district will be eliminated next time around, and it will be absorbed into surrounding districts, all heavily Democratic.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Dems in Congress shake in their boots.

The GOP is still fighting the image of appealing only to old people, so you might want to try “LOL” or “that r0xx0rz” or something. :wink:

I second this thoroughly.

Yeah, the media likes to remind us of the saying that all politics is local… except when we’re really in need of a story, then all politics is a referendum on the President!

I’m fully expecting Dems to lose seats in Congress in 2010, but not for any of the reasons that have to do with tonight.

All politics are getting less local in my opinion. But yes, the press seems to completely discount little things like the personalities of the candidates, the local issues, and most of the other things that make up a campaign other than a few soundbytes, maybe a scandal, and the nonstop polling.

The NY house race isn’t a complete non issue, though, because it helps determine Republican strategy next year. If Hoffman wins, it’s going to encourage the Republicans to run right. It’s also going to send a message to conservative Democrats in Congress and make them less willing to work with Obama and more careful to cover their asses.

Well, the GOP technically dropped out of the NY house race, and there’s actually a house race in CA that’s pretty much a lock for Dems (which is why no ones talking about it), so I think its safe to say there won’t be a GOP sweep.

Maybe somewhat, but New York - even upstate - is not the same as the rest of the country.

But Hoffman, who doesn`t even live in the district, has been supported almost entirely by Tea Baggers and anti-gay rights and anti-abortion rights activists. They’re from all over the country and they descended into New York to push their agenda. They took a perfectly acceptable Republican moderate and caused such an uproar that she quit.

There seems to be a small but very angry group of people who’re mostly motivated by fear and hate and anger but occasionally mention spending too. Whether they win the election or not they were successful at dragging the Republican party to the right and now they’re definitely going to try to do it more in 2010.

Christie being projected the winner on Politico with a 6% lead (71.7% reporting)