2009 Fantasy Hockey - Yahoo!

I’ve sent invitations to everyone who participated last year.

League ID: 176454
Password: cecil


Draft time: Monday September 28, 9:00 (Eastern)

We’re drafting 8 Forwards, 3 Defencemen and 1 Goaltender. Each goal and assist is worth one point, a win is worth 2 points and a shutout is worth 3 points.

Unlimited roster moves prior to the start of the season and then once the season starts, I’d reset the moves and everyone would get 5 for the year. There will also be 1 IR spot. That way people can be a bit more active in the league but they can still only check it once a month if they want.

*First post to the board in almost 6 months and unsurprisingly it was hockey that dragged me back.

I was wondering yesterday if we were going to have Fantasy Hockey on the SDMB this year. Thanks Kid_A!

I just rejoined. I’ll be a bit late to the draft, but I"ll have plenty of players ranked.

I’m in. Is it October yet?

Seriously…what happened to all of the hockey fans?

We’ve got 12 teams so far.

I joined (I’m “Don’t Toews Me, Bro”)!

I love hockey and can’t wait.

Thanks for starting it up, Kid_A.

Been looking forward to it for a while now. Hopefully, this year I will know what’s going on!

Reminder…the draft is tonight at 9:00 Eastern. I won’t be at the draft but I have done some preranking that could result in me having an interesting team.

After the draft, all of the players immediately become free agents. You can make as many roster moves as you want between the end of the draft and Thursday at 7:00. After that, there’ll be 5 moves for the rest of the season.

Good Luck!!!

Must have been a quick draft as I logged on around 9:40 Eastern and it was already over. Still, my prerankings worked fairly decently.

Was there the 5 roster move rule last year?

Yeah, it was.

Yes…there was a limit of 5 roster moves last year.