SDMB Yahoo Hockey Fantasy League

Can we get a volunteer to reactivate the league for this year? We have health issues at our house or I’d raise my hand.


I really want to do this again this year, Im pretty proud of my third place finish last year!

I’ve talked to meek about it and I’m going to be the commissioner this year. I’ve made some minor changes (with his approval) and I’ll set everything up when I get to work in the morning.

I meant to get to it earlier this week but it’s slipped on the priority list a couple of times. has a much better set up.and its free also

A little later than promised but it’s here:

League ID: 32651
Password: cecil

Draft time: Sunday September 28, 5:00 (Eastern)

We’re still drafting 8 Forwards, 3 Defensemen and 1 Goaltender. Each goal and assist is worth one point, a win is worth 2 points and a shutout is worth 3 points.

Changes from last year: I was thinking that there could be unlimited roster moves (we’ll call it the Dan Boyle rule) prior to the start of the season and then once the season starts, I’d reset the moves and everyone would get 5 for the year. Also, I was thinking of adding 1 IR spot. That way people can be a bit more active in the league but they can still only check it once a month if they want.

Is the league open for anyone? I would be very interested in joining if there is a spot available.

There’s always room for more.

We had 13 Dopers last year and they league can fit 20 so if you’re interested…Welcome Aboard!

I’m in. All will quake in fear of the mighty Soviet Red Army!!!

Hey guys,

Hope you don’t mind another team

I signed just up as little pucks

It’s my first time, so be gentle.


I’m in as well. Desert Ice Dogs will clean your clock…:stuck_out_tongue:


2 quick questions.

  1. What sites do you like for information on fantasy hockey?

  2. Looks like Yahoo allows you to rank players in advance. If I’m not able to make the draft (I think I can), will it then auto pick the players that I rank as long as they’re available? If I rank enough players then I’d probably be able to get players I want.

Excellent! Heading off to sign up…

Yes. Every player has also been ranked by Yahoo, so should all players that you’ve ranked be gone then it will choose the highest ranked remaining player by the Yahoo rankings.

Thanks Kid_A.

Regarding the goalies, should we consider a second roster reserve spot for a back up that only plays if your starting G is injured (or becomes the back-up.)

I guess we could call it the Dom Hasek rule…

just a thought

This is makeitstop (a.k.a. ICU812) and I’m ready to go. I don’t care what anybody says this year. If I am drafting first, I am not picking Sidney Crosby over Alexander Ovechkin! (Famous last words.)

I’ve gone of to find myself. If I get back before I arrive, keep me here.

Okee Dokee. I’m in. Mine are the Harbor Wolves.

I made my pre-draft rankings today.

Spoiler Alert: someone else can have Brodeur.

I’d favor that. (But I don’t know how the substitution rule would be enforced.)

I think you can allow just 82 gms for a goalie and simply keep a bench G spot on every roster. Everyone drafts two goalies and plays either of them anytime for a max of 82.

[sub]heh. I never thought I’d type “G spot” on this board… but there it is…[/sub]

But perhaps, it’s best to just keep it simple.

Whatever the commish decides is ok with me.
û [sup]Take Care[/sup]