2009 Sucks. Bring on 2010.

2009 has been the worst year of my life. Oh, it hasn’t been all bad, but the highlights are small in number versus the losses.

I’m ready to see the last of this stupid year. I’m ready for it to be buried in history.

C’mon, 2010. Let’s start fresh.

Seconded. Fuck 2009.

Amen, sister. I’m ready for 2009 to be just a bittersweet memory.

If (Sucks == Too_busy_to_scratch_my_ass) then Nominate_suckiest_year_ever(2009);

Definitely been one of my worst years ever.

Bram was born, and I finally got rid of this stupid gallbladder and I finally got my shit together and started school.
But there was also wicked post-partum insanity, and just general social drama bullshit, and 2010 brings me to my graduation year!

So yeah, I concur. Bring it on.

Only 17 more days! I can’t wait either. A whole new decade to start fresh…

Hey, I got this little cutie this year:

My new daughter!

She was born in 2008, though…just barely. :slight_smile:

I didn’t have any major disasters or tragedies this past year. But…starting almost exactly a year ago it’s been an almost continual series of pain-in-the-ass, bullshit.

Yes, I’ve had a good year in some ways but bring on '10

2009 Sucks. Bring on 2010 !!!
don’t look now, but it’s coming whether 2009 sucked or not…!:stuck_out_tongue:

2009 wasn’t bad. It started great, then deteriorated. June sucked. July and August were awesome. September had its highlights. It’s been a mixed bag ever since.

But I full expect 2010 to be as good as 2008. I never want to live 2007 again.

The last half of 2008 and 2009 were the shit times for me. I’m hoping I can make 2010 something really good.

2009 for me has been a year of growing pains.

For those who have had just ‘‘pains’’… HUGGLES

The '00s sucked.

2009 has been a very difficult year for me. Too many crises. I concur, fuck it and let’s move on.

2009 was a better year than any for me in a long time - but I am still hoping 2010 will treat me better.

Sending out a wish for a good year to all .

Amen. Absolute worst year of my life by far. Cannot think of one good thing that happened the entire year other than we managed to somehow hang on to everything we had worked for our entire lives by just barely and through a hell of a lot of hard work, worry and tears. Just one bad thing after another. Pretty scared to even get out of bed most days fearing what was going to kick my ass that day. I got very strong this year and it turned me into a first class depressed bitch that nobody wants to be around. Turning a leaf, getting positive and putting a smile on my face for this next year. Wishing all here the very best in 2010–it can only be better…

These are my feelings as well. This year started out pretty good, but in May things went steadily and quickly downhill, culminating in what was undoubtedly the worst summer of my life.

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that 2010 can’t possibly be any worse.

Die, 2009, die! May 2010 bring great things to all of us (but especially me:D)!

This has been a pretty piss-poor decade, all things considered. Started with me waiting for a bomb to blow up, continued through a recession and a depression and a few terror attacks and all kinds of other crap.