I pit 2009 (Moved from The Pit)

2009 has not been a good year.

It’s not uncommon around the start of the new year, to think back over the events and achievements of the previous twelve months. In doing so, I’ve been struck by the number of shitty things that have happened to people I care about. I’m kind of pissed off about it and I can’t really talk about it to any of my friends and family as I’m the person they confide these problems in, so I’m going to rant about it here.

So, here’s a pit thread just for you 2009. In case you think you don’t deserve it, here are a few examples, in no particular order:

My mother’s mental problems are becoming noticeably worse, my dad doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it and my aunt thinks that somehow I should be fixing this problem from the other side of the country and constantly nags me about it.

I was miserable at my job – until I got fired. I’ve been unemployed now for nearly three months.

No less than three of my friends/family have lost pregnancies this year. Two of them were IVF pregnancies and one was at 20 weeks, so she actually had to deliver it. Heartbreaking.

My best friend’s cancer has returned.

A couple that we are very good friends with had a close family member imprisoned. This has caused a huge rift in the family between those who thinks he’s innocent and those who believe he is guilty.

Two friends (separately) moved interstate.

Two long-term couples we are close to went through yucky breakups. Not hugely acrimonious (yet), but unpleasant. Both breakups involved one half moving interstate. The most recent breakup was between Christmas and New Year.

So, fuck you 2009! Get out of my life and never come back!

Has anyone else got their own reasons to pit 2009?

Wish granted!

Yeah, 2009 was pretty much the worst year of my life so far, but it was fortunately (for me) not filled with medical or legal problems.

2009 has been difficult for me. 2010 should bring some huge changes- bring it on!

Oh, great! I’ve been eagerly awaiting yet another hugs thread about how my life sucks and let’s all share stories and comfort each other!

I swear, this stuff being posted in the pit reminds me of someone who gets treated badly, snaps, and gives the person a dirty look, then brags to their friends about how they lost it and they just can’t believe what they just did! Like, I went totally over the top on that dude! Now he knows who not to mess with!

Have a heart.

Nah, I’ve figured it out. He’s really an easily-offended wuss who just wants the Pit to go away. If you can’t bitch about stuff in your life, and if bitching about things that don’t affect you is Recreational Outrage, then the Pit will have to shut down and everything can be fluffy bunnies! It’s a plot! :eek:

You really have no idea how pathetic you are, do you? Your whole reason for existence seems to be lurking the Pit waiting to whine about threads that are too whiny. :smack:

Does the word ‘irony’ mean anything to you? How about ‘hypocrisy’? :rolleyes:

I’d tell you that no one’s forcing you to read or junior-mod Pit-threads, but I know you’ve been told countless times, and pay no heed.

I couldn’t care less what goes where, but lets face it, this is a hugs’n’kisses thread if ever I saw one.

There can only be two kinds of responses to this OP, share your own bad luck story, or offer some sympathy/advice to the OP. Seriously, there is no way any response will be, “stop bitching about your friends cancer returning you cretin” with the poster really meaning it.

Boot this thread over to the MPSIMS Instant Support System (ISS) and let them rally around it. The mods would be doing both here and there a favour.

Moved from The BBQ Pit to MPSIMS.

Year-end Moderator

As part of my toast at midnight new years I wished that none of us will ever look back on 2009 as “the good ole days.” I really mean that.

Gee, you guys really know how to make (sort of) new posters feel welcome. I wonder why overall posting stats and new memberships are down?

Excuse me right the hell out of town for my friends and family having a less-than-stellar 12 months. And you must also pardon me for holding a gun to your head and forcing you to hear all about it. And I beg most humble forgiveness for thinking that perhaps other people might want to also bitch about shitty things in the lives and for thinking that the Pit was the most appropriate place for this. I must have been imagining the regular mini-rant threads that are started up about exactly this sort of thing.

Happy New Year ivn1188. I hope 2010 brings you everything you want in life.

You might have missed it, but I specifically invited people to share bad stuff that happened to them in 2009 in the OP. So yes, that would be an expected response to this thread. I don’t want sympathy and don’t need advice, and I didn’t ask for either. That why I posted in the Pit. I’m still failing to understand why having a rant about unfortunate events is MPSIMS material. Isn’t bitching, ranting and raving what the Pit is for?

Not, generally, when the responses tend to be sympathetic. Luckily, IVN’s assholish response, though predictable, is anomolous.

twicks, who was unemployed for the entirety of 2009, and whose beloved brother-in-law, an important part of her life since 1967, died in June

2009 kinda blew.

My friend L’s SIL was killed by a drunk driver.
My mom had cancer and surgery and then some other surgeries.
I had surgery.
My 19 year old niece won’t get a job or stick with a class but wants to get married.
More than half a dozen students in my Fresh. Comp. class quit going to said class because they couldn’t handle doing a research paper. (This has happened before but it was only 1 or 2 students.)
My “friend” P can’t handle talking to me because I say things (like, say, the truth) that she does not want to hear, and I don’t feed her sympathy addiction.

Who forced you to read this thread and then post?