2010 Tourney Bracket Challenge

I didn’t see one already up, so I renewed last years challenge.

Group ID# 94222
Password: unclececil

Email’s were sent out to last years participants. Everyone is welcome.
Good luck!

I’m In. I can’t remember which pools I did last year.

I joined but it will not let me make any picks. It says to either click or drag/drop to advance a team, but that isn’t working.

I had the same problem in Firefox. I quit and re-opened Firefox, it ran smoothly after that.

I tried that, no luck. Finally tried to do it in IE, and that worked for me. I’m in, and likely a lock for last place, as I know nothing about basketball. I’ve got Kentucky going all the way, and a Kansas/Kansas St semifinal, with Kansas St advancing.

Where is this? ESPN? Yahoo?


Sorry I forgot to mention which site.

I’m in, even though this group is being run by an obvious Jayhawk hater. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock Chalk baby!

I’m in. I have to make up for last year; the worst bracket I have ever had.

I’m in as well.

In too, though I haven’t been paying much attention this year so mine’s full of WAGs.


Here’s a link:

OP laziness is reaching epidemic proportions on the Dope.

I’m in as the Tribal Pugs. Will set up bracket later.

I’m in too, but now I’m MEGA Evil. No longer the “Diet Coke” of Evil Foie Gras.

I’m in.

Digital Rights Management’s the name…

I’m in and certainly Not Going out on a Limb. Kind of hard to when your favorite team has been Kansas. Shades of 1997 or of 2008?

The others? I quit being fancy and followed the NCAA’s suggestions. There’s been fewer and fewer Cinderellas making past the Sweet 16. Guess George Mason woke them up?

Cobra Kai, in to sweep the leg.

It was forgetfulness, but whatever.