2016 State of the Union address tonight 01/12/16

At 9:00 p.m.

In the First Lady’s guest box will be an empty chair representing victims of gun violence. (Not the first time an empty chair in that section has been used symbolically.)

In response, Rep. Steve King will dedicate an empty chair to “aborted babies.”

Also . . . somebody, for some reason, invited Kim Davis.

I wonder which SCOTUS justices will boycott the address this year? Scalia, I’m sure.

Mods, not sure whether this is GD or MPSIMS material – but something debatable is bound to come up, isn’t it?

Rules for the drinking game:

Bonus drink if they immediately cut to Hillary Clinton’s reaction shot.

Seems fair. Were it not for gun violence, the First Lady’s symbolic empty chair could be occupied by an actual person, currently deceased due to an excess of bullet holes in the head.

While if it were not for abortion, Steve King’s empty chair could be occupied by a day-old fetus clapping wildly every time Obama says “subsidized college tuition”.

Well, OK, it can’t really clap – it would be a shapeless microscopic speck jumping up and down every time Obama says “subsidized diapers”. OK, it can’t really jump up and down, or anything, really, but every time Obama says anything about abortion, the camera can cut to a microscopic smear on Steve King’s empty chair.

Until, tragically, an usher shows a late-arriving guest to Steve King’s empty chair and just before they sit down, the usher courteously wipes it off with his handkerchief. Life is tough when you’re a fetus.

What I think we need is yet another crusading Congressman with an empty chair with a condom sitting on it, and a little sign saying “The saddest words of tongue or pen are these: it might have been!”

I believe you meant to say “some utterly contemptible fucking coward invited Kim Davis.”

Exactly how is the person who invited Ms. Davis a coward?

How many aborted fetuses can you fit in a chair, anyway?

Oh God, my mind went to a Truly Tasteless Jokes Place… :eek:

Whoever it was could at least have the balls to admit making the invitation.


Mine went to a Medieval Philosophical Exercise place . . . debatable which is worse . . .

Maybe it was the Pope.

(Has anyone seen her?)

I don’t really care that she was invited. Both the Congress and the President make all sorts of statements with who they invite. I just think they should freely admit to whomever they invited.

NPR’s is now reporting that Kim Davis got a ticket through Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan’s office via the Family Research Council. Jordan’s office confirmed it only after being named by NPR.

I love watching Paul Ryan sitting behind Obama. His sour look is somehow more entertaining than his predecessor.

I love that his role requires him to resist clapping even for the controversial idea that we should…cure cancer. “Yeah, that sounds like a leftist, liberal thing, I can’t appear to support that.”

“Change the way we manage oil and coal resources . . .” I hear some bowels opening in boardrooms . . .

According to CNN it was Jim Jordan of Ohio.

(Is it me, or is this one a bit boring?)

It’s not a secret.

“Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world . . .” And those surly-looking generals gotta stand up for that! :smiley:

It’s not now. It was earlier today.

Really? How so?