No State of the Union thread?

Am I missing it? I couldn’t make myself watch it, and was hoping for some discussion by you brilliant folk.

I couldn’t stomach watching it – from reading about it this morning, sounds like there was nothing new or significant. Very low energy. :wink:

Yeah - that’s what I figured as well. But I just thought SOMEONE would post something about the speech or rebuttal.

In the past, I think there have been “watch-along” threads…

From what I see, it went well over an hour… Wife and I decided - instead - to continue our bingeing of Brooklyn 99! I figure tour time was better spent.

God, it was awful. But slightly better than his inaugural address, only because of a few humorous moments.

I found myself thinking at many times, Donald Trump is just a terrible, odious person.

Did not watch. Did not watch the SB either. From the analyses I’ve read after each event, I think I made the correct choice.

There was a SOTU thread in the Pit.

I didn’t watch. Someone would have had to pay me good money to do so.

Stacey Abrams’ response seems to have been well-received; I’ll have to watch it later.

I turned it on for about 30 seconds, at which point all the women in white were standing up cheering wildly, and then there was a three-syllable chant. The chant resolved into “USA! USA!” but that seemed a little weird. Were they chanting something else first, like “ERA! ERA!”?

Then Trump started talking again, and I decided I needed to go shoot Advent troops with my plasma cannons.

One bit of trivia: the Trump Sniff Counter reached 45, according to some brave soul who managed to keep watching and Adderall up.

Hey! No shooting Advent troops out of season! :smiley:

In the 5 or so minutes that I watched Republicans there gave him a standing ovation after every sentence. I tuned in just in time to see Nancy Pelosi smiling at what looked like giant bingo cards, and to hear Trump use the occasion to call for an end of investigations. A real fart smeller, that Trump.

Sorry - shoulda thought to look in the Pit!

I really dislike all the standing Os no matter which party is doing them.

Actually, you caught part of one of the few instances of the speech, from what I understand (I only watched a small part) that was good. Basically, Trump was talking about how more women in the US were working today than ever, and how more women were elected to congress than ever…and that brought cheers from both sides, along with chants of USA! USA! from both parties, as well as a lot of high fives from the female congress members. Mind, I’m getting this from CNN as I missed this part, but according to the story it was one of the few good moments of the speech (even though I hate the whole USA! USA! thingy, personally).

CNN got it right.

The best parts of yesterday’s SOTU were the parts what were spontaneous, like the women cheering and when everyone sang a very sincere Happy Birthday to Mr. Samet (and his shouted “thank you!”). Oh, and Joshua Trump falling asleep; that totally fucking rocked!

First Trump actually had the temerity to take credit for all the women that ran against his party and won, then The Women In White congratulated each other for beating his ass, and it finished up with Trump mistakenly thinking they were cheering him-truly the most surreal moment of that night.

President Trump’s State of the Union speech was rather popular among those who actually watched it:

The key there being among those who watched it. I have this sinking suspicion that a lot of people who are not Trump supporters, knowing that Trump would just be throwing at the same nonsense and lies, didn’t watch it.

When you actually watched it, what did you think of it?
Did you like the part where he started of asking for compromise, then immediately attacked those he had supposedly wanted to compromise with? What about that bit where he tried to take credit for the large number of female legislators? Or the praising of those who stepped up to the plate to serve their country…from a guy who managed to somehow avoid doing the same? BTW, when he claimed he wanted compromise, did he happen to mention what he was willing to compromise on?

Generally liked it. Every SOTU I’ve ever watched has been too long and a bit tedious IMHO.

76 percent of viewers approved of Trump’s speech, however, that was in part due to the TV audience being more Trump-leaning.

None of that happened.

Trump said something along the lines of how many new jobs were created for women under his administration and the newly elected female congresspersons started mock applauding and cheering each other (as if congressional seats are somehow “new” jobs that are created).

Far from “thinking they were cheering him” Trump smiled at them and said “you weren’t supposed to do that.”