2018 Election Day Thread

This is the thread for discussing election day news…

[li]Turnout[/li][li]Irregularities[/li][li]Weather[/li][li]Personal experiences at the polls[/li][li]Etc[/li][/ul]

Please keep it civil and have fun.

We can open another thread for election returns later in the day.

I’ll start.

Colorado. Vote by mail. I voted like a week ago.

There’s a mild buzz around the office about election day partly because one of our clients is a national level PAC that is highly concerned with this election.

CBS Newspath

How fucking convenient. Wow!

I voted this morning and had to wait in line for a few minutes (it was the pre-8am rush). I was a bit surprised, because I don’t remember having to wait in line like that for anything other than a Presidential election. We do have the Governor’s race today though, so that may explain it. By the time I walked out, the line had all but disappeared.

How does anyone justify foreclosing on a property containing a polling place the night before a major election??

I voted without much trouble today (SC - 5). About a ten min. process, start (getting in line) to finish (getting my sticker and walking out). Steady flow of people.

Oops, We Forgot to Plug In the Voting Machine

Voted this morning in PA. When I got home my gf went to vote. We got our stickers, yay!!!

They can only be plugged in by a union electrician, and all union electricians are required, by law, to be given Election Day off. (Just kidding!!)

Turned in Colorado ballot yesterday. 80% Republican, 20% Democrat and 1 Libertarian
Yes on 73
No on 74
Yes on 112

Stickers, eh? That’s rather amusing.

You’ve never seen adults so excited to get stickers. Seriously, it’s one of the biggest draws. :D:eek:

As a high school teacher, I regularly used stickers in my classroom. The ones who were most insistent upon getting their stickers when they had qualified for them were the seniors (17 to 18 years old). By extrapolation, it’s no shock that getting a sticker as an adult is so cherished.

I proudly wear mine. I consider it the American version of the purple finger.


In 2016 I put my “I Voted” sticker on our parrot’s travel cage. Haven’t decided what to do with today’s.:slight_smile:

I’m working on an early shift. I’ll vote about 2:30 and then prep for my election night party that starts at 7.

And don’t bring down the stickers, yo. Uncool.

It’s in a Republican district so I think it is Democrats suppressing votes.

Just kidding

Amusing, yes. I call it the “mark of shame”. I throw mine out the minute I exit the building (I don’t want to be rude to the poor schlub handing them out).

I was one of the first persons to vote in my precinct this morning in my ruby red Southern CA district. Even though most of the people I know opt to vote by mail, I enjoy the whole experience of driving to my polling location and voting in person. It’s fun.

I showed up about 10 minutes before the polls opened and there were about a dozen people in line already. The whole process took about half an hour and there weren’t any major issues.

I live in one of the reddest parts of SoCal and my GOP representative is not going to lose, which sucks.

I voted straight Dem but voted for Feinstein’s Democratic opponent over her; she’s been in the Senate too long and we need a new face up there. Also voted yes on 12, which is the only prop that I really cared about this cycle.