2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Pool

It’s about another hour before the brackets are announced, but since I was on the boards anyway looking for the fried rice thread from a while back, I figured I’d go ahead and get this started.

Link: http://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2019/en/

Group Name and password are the same as always:
SDMB Bracketeers

Limit three brackets. Good luck!

Alright, I’m in and ready to loose for another year.


I created two brackets. I always create a bracket to track the top-seeds as it’s always been an interest of mine how the committee does in its seeding - we don’t have to accept that one for purposes of any contest/bragging rights purposes, it’s just my thing and I thought the others might be interested as well.

The two brackets are clearly labelled, so there’s not much doubt as to which one it is.

I’m about to create my bracket. For those who don’t already know, here’s the scoop: the Florida Gators will win the tournament, and suck-ass Florida State will be upset in the first round.

Fucking committee. Michigan State beats Michigan in Ann Arbor. Then Michigan State beats Michigan in East Lansing to win the Big Ten regular season. Then Michigan State beats Michigan in Chicago to win the Big Ten tournament. The reward for three clutch wins against a rated rival? A worse draw in the tourney than Michigan. MSU gets to go up against their nemesis Duke in a regional final, while U-M gets to go against Gonzaga, who just lost to an unranked team.

I’m in. Kentucky all the way, baby. Oh, and fuck Florida. They ain’t doing shit.

Duke’s starting 5 is the best in the NCAAs, but the bench matters more in the later rounds. North Carolina, Gonzaga, Kentucky – all good. But…I’d also be careful about overlooking Syracuse.

'Das all I’m gonna say.

As an Indiana fan, I can’t laugh too much at my most hated teams. But I have to give a hearty “bwahahaha” to the Louisville Cardinals after they bowed out in the first round. Especially since some of the Elite Eight games are being played in Louisville this year. The hype around here (I live just outside of Louisville) was a little annoying.

I’m throwing my vote to Duke. I’ve always liked Duke. I have a difficult last name (though German, not Polish). I love to troll Girl Wonder, who’s a massive Kentucky fan, by slipping “Laettner” into the conversation. I’ll text her and say something like “okay, well, I’ll see you Laettner.” I told her if we ever have a kid, I’m going to push for the name Christian.

It’s fun to watch the vein pop out in her forehead when I do it.

1st half of the 2nd round goes pretty much as expected. Only “upset” is 5 Auburn over 4 Kansas. Go 'Noles! 2nd Sweet 16 in a row!

2nd half today should go about the same although with the 13 UC Irvine/12 Oregon, we’re guaranteed a 12th or worse seed in the Sweet 16.

I would like to thank the Villanova Wildcats for allowing me to have a worry-free two weeks as I no longer have to fret whether or not my bracket has a chance.

Thanks, 'Nova. Thanks a lot. Really.

Part of me is glad Duke squeaked out a win, because I have them in the championship game. But the part of me that hates Duke with the intensity of a thousand suns wishes that UCF could have got that last tip-in. Damn that was a nail biter!

I agree. That last 3 minutes, and then the last 3 seconds were heart-pounding. I had Duke winning this game, and one more, but it would have been worth that tip in falling to see all those Duke brackets busted. Plus, you know, seeing Duke fans crying.

VATech! I grew up about 10 miles from Blacksburgh. I don’t follow college basketball much, but knew they were doing well earlier in the season. Before the tournament I read someone saying they were a sleeper pick to make the final four. I almost fell off my chair.

Duke almost lost in the final seconds today. Screw it. WE WANT DUKE!

I didn’t do a bracket but I also feel torn. Part of me wanted Duke out of Michigan State’s way. There’s a lot of hate there combined with the years where they’ve been our Kryptonite. Part of me is glad that they are still in the tournament and have to go through Michigan State to get to the Final Four.

I clinched a last-place finish! All four of my Final Four teams are already eliminated, so I have no chance to climb up from the bottom.

I had exactly 75% of the fisrt two rounds correct, 5 out of the 8, but only one (Virginia) in the final four.
Tied for 12th place at work.


The championship game is set: Virginia vs Texas Tech. Here’s hoping Monday’s game is as exciting as these two games tonight were.

Interesting stat they just gave on the post game show: this is the first Final Four since the shot clock was implemented in 1986 that all four teams scored under 65 points.

If Virginia wins I think I end up second in the pool at work.


Man, I think Auburn got thieved on the double dribble no-call and then the REALLY ticky tack foul called on a 3-ball with a second left. You just don’t make that call at that point in the game unless it’s a very clear violation. The UVA player initiated the (brief and slight) contact during the act of shooting the ball.