2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Pool

OK… nobody picked Texas Tech to go all the way, so the only brackets that still have points left to win are the folks who picked Virginia, including the top two brackets. If Virginia loses then the rankings will stay as they are right now. If Virginia wins then four brackets will move up in the rankings. But either way, it looks like YorkHound 2 is our winner for this year. Congratulations!

As was pointed out on the post-game show last night, the double-dribble was immediately preceded by a jersey grab that also went uncalled. That’s a wash in my book, but who knows what would have happened if VA had to inbound it instead of continuing a moving play. Either way, a dozen things like that are missed in the course of a game.

And the final foul was rather clearly a foul. The shooter was going pretty much straight up* and the defender was jumping forward and made contact while the ball was in the shooter’s hands. Textbook blocking foul. It’s notable to me that the ref’s hand went up immediately. This wasn’t one he had to think about.

  • Note that it doesn’t matter all that much since the defender was moving and not planted. It could still be called blocking even if the shooter initiated the contact.

That’s one of my “triggers,” as it were. If you make it in the first five seconds of a game, you make it in the last five - in fact, in the last five is when you are supposed to make it, if at all.

It looks like I need to correct my earlier post. We have a tie for first between YorkHound 2 and Pleonast’s Favorites. And since there was no tie-breaker entered on YorkHound’s bracket, it looks our winner this year is ** Pleonast’s Favorites.** Congratulations and apologies for calling this early and incorrectly!

Congratulations, PF!

Texas Tech really fell apart there in those last couple of minutes. They seemed to have zero margin for error and as soon as they started chucking up pull-up 3’s, it was over.

Congrats Virginia. Although you’re celebrating wrong; I haven’t seen a single police car turned over or even anything on fire. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m from Maryland)

Thank you! I’d like to thank the little people like 538.com and Google for helping me assemble the winning bracket. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got second place on teh work pool (had Virginia lost, I would have tied for 5th)
Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 27th, 43rd, and 52nd (I won a $25 Texas Roiadhouse gift certificate)


7th percentile for me on ESPN’s tournament challenge! Nearly 1000 points behind first place in SDMB Bracketeers, and 50 points behind even the second-to-last place entry! About the only way I could have done worse this year is if I picked the 16th seeds to go all the way.