2022 NHL off-season

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Kris Letang will be a Penguin for life!

(Now lets just hope that they’ll sign Evgeni Malkin too!)

My buzzkill prediction (heh - wanna put qualtoos on it?) Letang (too many concussions and recurring groin injury) lasting for maybe two more seasons and Malkin (simply - it’s time) three, may-be four.

Maybe so, but at least they’ll retire as Penguins. It really sucked back when we had to trade Jagr to Washington. There was a lot of tension, true, but at the time they might have been able to work it out, if we hadn’t been so fucking broke.

(And don’t even get me started on when Fleury left. I’m not afraid to admit that I cried.)

As I was starting to read that, I thought - better not mention anything about Fleury.
But then, of course…

Not sure on where I stand on whether or not Murray should’ve taken over.

At the time, it made more sense to trade Fleury – he was older, he was more expensive, whereas Murray was younger, cheaper, etc. Who could’ve predicted the future?

I still have no idea what the fuck happened with Murray. It was a total flip-flop. Some of it was attributed it to the fact that he started slumping right after his father died, but that was it. (Although the local fans booing him were just a bunch of assholes, quite honestly)

Too bad for Calgary if they and Johnny Hockey part ways (maybe going to Philly? fingers crossed!) but it seems strange for it to be happening in the first place, considering he was on arguably the best line in the league last year.
Goddamn market forces.
Leafs acquire an apparently reluctant :laughing: Matt Murray.

And Brent Burns going to Carolina! Wow, I can only imagine how fans in San Jose are going to feel.

(But the core here is staying in Pittsburgh – Geno, Sid, and Tanger! :D)

Needs a fucking shave.
And Zibanejad - a proper hair cut.

Caps pick up Kuemper and back him up with Charlie Lindgren. Completely turned over the goalie position.

They definitely needed a fresh start there, but we all know this is an old-ass team whose Cup window is really still only just cracked. And they really can’t do anything resembling “rebuilding” until Ovi and Backstrom voluntarily retire. Owner Ted Leonsis will never let either of them play for another team, so the three of them are essentially holding the franchise hostage until the players both retire of their own volition. Although with Backstrom’s injury history, there’s no way he outlasts Ovi.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in “windows.” Brian MacLellan himself said during the 2015-16 season that he saw the team as being in a 2 year window to win the Cup (that season and 16-17), which means they won the Cup after that window had supposedly closed.

But I think it’s a bit obvious that they aren’t going to blow up the team in a major way at least until Ovechkin pots number 895.

Unfortunately the Grape Ape will score 92 more goals until the end of his career, falling 12 short.

Predators sign Nino Niederreiter, didn’t have that on my bingo card.

And the Jackets get Patrick Laine a contract extension. Gonna be watching a lot of the Jackets next season.

Big trade.

Huberdeau for Tkachuk. I think Florida wins this one.

Gosh - you were on that quickly - this more or less just broke.
While I’d say it was more dead even as far as Huberdeau / Tkachuk is concerned (sure, the latter has more piss n’vinegar but the former is an overall stronger playmaker), it’s the extras - like a conditional fourth-round pick in 2025 to the Panthers, meanwhile the Flames get a conditional first-round pick in 2025, plus Mackenzie Weegar (13th-most points for a D last season) and Cole Schwindt (strong 20 y.o. AHL rookie last season) - I’d say Calgary came out quite better.

Og I hope and pray J.T.Miller stays in Vancouver, but doubting it. They’re already over their cap.

(should’ve put this in previous post) One advantage Tkachuk does have over Huberdeau is age - the 24 y.o. Tkachuk is five years younger. The grittier style that Tkachuk plays, however, runs the risk of a shortened career like Wendel Clark’s, or strange, blonde bob wig-wearing Colby Armstrong.

Pretty good article about the Florida Panthers, I think they’re an even stronger team than last season, but you don’t win a Stanley Cup on paper.

I don’t trust Gary Bettman to run a conga line, much less a sports league, but it looks like the NHL and those who actually like hockey will be able to get visas for all the Russian players.

Chara, Subban, Yandle, all retiring! Feels like they’ve been around forever… Which by NHL standards I guess they have.

The 2nd most blow-me-away player in the league (after C. McDavid) - Nathan MacKinnon - just potted the highet NHL salary with $12.6 million for 8 years, precisely twice what he’s currently earning. Not a bad raise. (Sure, just won the Cup, is one of the best, and young, but, man…)