23rd Anniversary special meal

Right now I’m planning on a seven course meal consisting of a six-pack of beer and a grilled hotdog. Seriously. I may break down and make a potato salad, as well, just to surprise her. I should mention that this is her request.

Is it any wonder that I love this woman?

As long as you don’t cheap out on the beer, or the hot dog, it sounds great to me.

You’re a lucky guy!

Isn’t the OP the guy who makes marinated lamb chops and fresh pico de gallo and all sorts of fancy food for even ordinary occasions?

I think it’s awesome that you guys are having a nice low-effort meal as a change of pace to enjoy your anniversary, but it’s not like your wife is having to go without delicious delicacies most of the time. :slight_smile:

I’m going with Nathans and a Breakside Pilsner or IPA, both of which are outstanding local brews. Technically not a six pack unless you drink three of them.

Also, this anniversary means that we’ve now been married longer than I was to the first attempt.

You’re a Portlander now - you should get Oregon Chief wieners…

Never heard of them. I’ve had Otto’s, but don’t find them to be anything special. Maybe I can find [del]Olympic[/del], oops, Olympia* Provisions dogs somewhere.

*For those outside of the PNW, the Olympic Committee issued a cease and desist order against Olympic Provisions for trademark violation. :rolleyes: