"24" 2:00-3:00 a.m.(Spoilers Abound)

I really like this show, as I expected I would.

They’ve done a good job interweaving the plot threads, though it is convenient that nothing important happens simultaneously(nothing with talking anyway). It was good to see the girls run for it, since that is what a lot of people would do. It was also good to see them have a measure of success, which also adds to the realism.

I have no complaints. The show is coming off exactly as written and expected.

There is a lot of foreshadowing going on, even if you don’t see it.

I have had access to some of the shows secrets and I will leave you with two, written backward to prevent you from accidentaly reading them.



OK, I was simultaneously fighting with my online service and receiving a phone call during the episode last night, so there are two things I need clarified.

What did the girl find on the card? (can’t remember her name… she was good in Falling down, though!) I thought I just misses a shot of her computer screen as she examined the card… gah! What was on it??

Also, I know the one daughter got smashed by the car, and I am going to assume she died, but did the kidnappers show up at the end of that scene or is she still relatively safe? I saw the camero speed off and I heard some people running, but my head was turned and I just assumed that, for suspense, it must have been the kidnappers. But still, I would like some confirmation.

I suspect that the other guy in Jack’s team is the baddie, he is awfully suspicious… wondering if anyone knows anything?? He’s just so damn suspicious, and I am easily led astray. However, IMO, before that comes to a head, we will suspect him and drop him to go back to Nina.

I don’t think we saw! She said it would take hours to decrypt the data. The only information we got was that she confirmed that it was written by Nina’s computer–but at a time when Nina and Jack were off trysting in Santa Barbara. Previously, though, Joe Walsh (the older guy who got shot) told Bauer that the card held information about the plan for the shooting.

Nope, she’s alive! The very last scene (in that plotline, anyway) is her gasping for breath and opening her eyes. Then in the preview for next week, the guys in the van are driving back toward her, saying they can’t leave any witnesses, and they have a gun like they’re going to shoot her.

I firmly believe in Expecting the Unexpected. My money’s on the computer chick. She looks so innocent and helpful, and Walsh even said that she was trustworthy (didn’t he?) but that’s just to throw us off the track, baby. The guy with the weird little beard thing under his lip a) needs to shave that off and b) is waaaay too obvious.

I loved the way the bad guys operated. . . shooting the girlfriend and saying, “So, you up for the job next summer?” Wicked. I like ruthless bad guys.

Kiefer Sutherland is 'way munchable. Not like he hasn’t always been, but he’s just, er, well-displayed in this piece, shall we say. Arf. Coulda used some more gratituous torso nudity when he changed his shirt. See his tats? Maybe Kimberly wasn’t lying when she said he was a surfer, eh?

I get HUGE laffs out of making jokes about Kimberly’s friend’s dad’s super-senses. Richard Burgi played the title character in The Sentinel, a really bad TV show my husband was hooked on about a guy with super human vision and hearing and crap. The thing is, he looks the exact same in “24” . . .same costuming, same hairstyle, same basic demeanor. So, whenever they’re like, “How will we ever find the girls?” I’m like, “Don’t worry! I’ll use my super sense of smell to track the exhaust from the van!” This pisses my husband off for some reason.

HA! I knew I knew that guy from somewhere. :smiley: I also found the “jealous Jack” dynamic that seems to be playing out over the cell phones.

Hmm, thinking it may be the computer chick, eh? Interesting… I would hope it is at least one of those two… I’d be pretty disappointed if they had to add a character to take the fall. A good show would have us know the ending and then want to rewatch the entire series looking over clues that should have pointed us to the culprit. Being a Fox television fan I think they should live up to that. The series has really been excellent so far.

Man, that girl is alive?!? LOL She’s gonna end up like that Vincent guy from Se7en before the movie is out, HAHA. I felt so bad for that derelict… :frowning: He looked like he was taking a real beating by that leather-jacketed scum. :mad:

Sheesh… I must know what is on that card. I haven’t had this much fun in a tv show since… well, Twin Peaks.

I think hour three was the best one yet, the suspense was really kept up all hour.

Some thoughts:

  1. I was a little disappointed to find out that Mandy and Bridget were lovers; it was almost a cliche, and made me think instantly of Bound. But, seeing Mandy choose life over a bullet after Bridget’s death was very well done.

  2. Kim York’s father seems a little suspicious, like he’s a gun on the mantlepiece. However, I fail to see anything he could be implicated in if his daughter is in jeopardy, and certainly won’t live to see the sunrise.

  3. What’s hour 22 and 23 going to be like, when all of the major characters have been awake for 36+ hours?

  4. David Palmer’s son: Is he involved with the terrorists trying to kill his dad? Or, is he involved somehow in the mole with the CTU? All of the strands need to add up.

  5. Anyway, can’t wait to see hour four!

Well, let’s not forget, we don’t know for sure he is HER father, remember, he was the one that contacted Jack’s wife about how ‘he was going out of his mind.’ And yet, then was prepared to leave the furniture place without HIS daughter about whom, he was SOOOO concerned! I think the wife is really ‘kidnapped’ too.

I LOVE this show. My phone rang just as the show ended and I nearly fell out of the chair, I’d been so on edge the entire hour.

I enjoy the show too, but my question is: will Fox run all 24 episodes? The show is getting killed in the ratings. Will it get to run its course like “Murder One” did on ABC?

I sure hope it survives. It would really suck to get to episode 8 or 9 and have it all end before we know what happens. That’s the danger of watching a show with a continuing plot line.

I think this series was excellent. The entire hour last night was so suspenseful it was almost harrowing. When the show ended I was actually tired from being on edge for the whole thing.

I didn’t realize the show was doing poorly in the ratings. It seems like a well done show, even if parts are a little cliched.

I think the suspicious guy on Jack’s team is not the bad guy, just concerned because Jack and Nina seem to be doing lots of stuff while leaving others out of the picture.

Janet’s Dad being The Sentinel is pretty funny. Not sure if we should be suspicious of him though.

I like the shooter bad guys but not Mandy. She seems like a real skank. I also really don’t like the kidnappers, but that’s because they’re so evil. So I guess it means thier characters are well done.

Computer chick being the mole? My gut feeling says no, but then they could surprise me.

I just caught the encore of hour 3 tonight and thought it was the best episode yet.

Keifer Sutherland was on Leno a few nights ago and let slip that he plays a character whose “wife and daughter” have been kidnapped. So the Sentinal dude is probably going to kidnap Mrs. Jack.

Or it could be deliberate misinformation. That would be cool.

I’ll make this clearer.

No, Nina is not the mole.

Yes, Janet York dies in one of the next 21 eps.

Okay, recording my WAG’s for posterity;
Jack’s whole team (Nina, computer girl, and suspicious boy) are all dirty, and in on it together. They’re going to pin all their dirty deeds on Jack.
Presidential candidate Palmer’s son is a member of an underground violence group. Palmer’s wife is the one who pushed the rapist out of the window.
Jack’s wife and daughter are kidnapped together, they spend a bunch of bonding time together trying to escape. Janet’s dad is a plant (he’s been way too suspicious since he first showed up).