24: Hour 4

So, let’s get some comments about 3.00-3.59.59am on “24.”

I liked the show, but not as much as last week. The lockdown was well done, especially Nina’s internal debate about ratting Bauer out, and Jamey’s subsequent interview.

Why didn’t any cops respond to Teri’s 911 call about the girls being behind the warehouse? I saw an ambulance, responding to Kim being hit by a car, but no police there.

Anyway, whadya think?

I missed the first two. I really wanted to see this series, will they do reruns for those who missed an episode? At the end will they have a dvd release?

I fargled up taping the show, and missed the last fifteen minutes. We saw up to the part where Janet was getting picked up by the ambulance. I missed Jamey’s interview…details? Pleeeeease?

The ambulance picked up Janet, just as the bad guys were about to shoot her, so they left. Perhaps the cops didn’t spot them, so they left the paramedics to their work.

Marsh found where Bauer was from police radio messages, so they left and cancelled the lockdown before Jamie’s interview really got started. I thought she might break.

Palmer tells his wife about the death threats, and while she doesn’t believe any of it, Palmer has his doubts because of the fact that the reporter, Kingsley, is credible, and her source was Kieth’s therapist.

The kidnappers take Kim to another man and turn her over. They lie and say that Janet died and the body won’t be found.

Jack’s wife and Sentinel guy finally get a break from the cop who stopped them, when the 911 call is verified. They leave without any ticket.

Bauer and the cop get into an ugly situation. The janitor distracts the cop, so the bad guy takes her hostage. Bauer confronts him, but the bad guy makes him drop the gun. As he dropps it, the janitor shoots at the bad guy (without hitting him, apparently). It seems like Bauer gave him an extra gun. For a second, it looked like Jack was gonna capture the bad guy without any problems, but we see soon after that the cop got shot and killed. Jack’s ID checks out with the cops who show up, and he is distraught over the cop’s death. The police want to take the bad guy away, but let Jack talk to him for a minute. He mentions Bauer’s name and his daughter, so Jack gets pissed, but the police say it’s time for them to take the bad guy away.

So we’re left wondering how Jack will get the info from the cop killer guy, seeing as how he’s in custody of the police.

The new kidnapper guy seems like he’ll at least treat Kim better. Hopefully that other blond guy gets a good beating later.

Previews show Palmer confronting Kieth.

Natural-J, anytime you need a vital organ, I’m here for you. Thanks!

Is anybody else suspicious of “the Sentinel guy” (Janet’s dad)? I am, but I’m not sure why.

It sure seemed to me like he purposely pissed off the cop in order to get him to hold them up long enough for the kidnappers to get away. Could he be “in on it” somehow?

Nah, I think he’s just a yutz. His kid’s missing, they know something bad is going down, and he’s starting to freak out.

Then again, what proof do we have that he’s really Janet’s dad? He called the Bauers, after all; they didn’t call him!

Also, this is the second time the van has driven right past those two, isn’t it?

And wouldn’t you think his super senses would have detected it???

[sup]Okay, I’ll stop.[/sup]

Overall a good job, but this part is not quite right. The reporter is threatening to release a story about how the guy who raped Palmer’s daughter didn’t commit suicide, but was killed by Palmer’s son. The death threat is confirmed as highly credible to Palmer by the FBI agent in charge of his protection.

And I agree about Janet’s dad. In fact, how do we even really know it is Janet’s dad?

Duh, brain fart. Replace death threat with murder accusation.

Also, no problem Gundy. I hate when I miss part of a show.

I personally don’t suspect Sentinel guy (when will I get tired of making fun of him?). He’s just pissed that the Cop was being an ass (or doing his job, however you choose to look at it).

Put me down for the “Suspect Janet’s Dad” side. It seems to me that they’ve mentioned his full name without good reason on a number of occasions. I think that he IS Janet’s dad, but he’s still dirty.


P.S. I love predictions that won’t possibly be discredit until, like, two months from now. Then, if I was wrong, no one will remember this post. If I was right, I can say, “See? Look! I knew this back in week FOUR, man! Go me!” :wink:

Uh, considering the shape Janet’s currently in, that’s a pretty bold statement.

I hope you don’t mean “dirty” in the sense that he would sacrifice his daughter for the sake of the Evil Plot to Kill David Palmer and Screw Up Jack Bauer’s Life.

"Okay, here’s the plan: you two punks kidnap my daughter and her friend Kimberly. Go ahead and drug Janet, break her arm, shoot her, you know, whatever’s necessary. I’ll keep Kimberly’s mom from figuring out what’s really going on, using my super senses. "

[sup]Okay, I lied when I said I would quit.[/sup]

Go to fox.com, click on 24, and go to episode summary. You get a minute-by-minute summary of each hour up to the current one. It’s actully pretty good, and there’s some neat stuff for background on the characters. For example, you can see Kimberly’s pc desktop, read her e-mail, and if you click on a chess icon, it takes you to a real chess instruction site. Cool.

I had a question…

At the very beginning of the episode (hour 4) - Bauer scanned in the thumb he obtained last week for identification (incidentally, the James Bondish gadgetry on this show is the only thing that I don’t like).

Anyway, about 20 minutes later, someone called him from the fingerprinting place stating that they weren’t finding a match. Something stood out about this call though - the person on the line told Jack something to the effect of: “Hey this is (whoever) with the results of that fingerprint scan you sent in about an hour ago.”

Only two possibilities about this strike me:

  1. The person who called him is “in on it.”
  2. It was a flub

However, it seemed too damn obvious to be a flub. Any thoughts?

I caught that one, too. They make such a big deal out of saying, “Events occur in real time” at the beginning of each episode, I wondered about that, too. I can’t see it being a flub. Who was it that called him? (I forget)

I don’t think it was a specific name, just a representative of wherever Jack sent the scan. Not 100% sure though.

While I’m thinking about it - I’ve been trying to draw a connection between Kimberly and Julie, and the guys that kidnapped them, and the terrorists.

I didn’t expect this show to be as challenging as it’s turning out to be, so I didn’t pay too close attention to the first scenes of hour one. Didn’t Julie set up the “date” with the two guys? How’d she know these guys? If they were friends from school, did the terrorists pick them up and convince them to kidnap the girls? If not, is Julie in on it? If she is, I would assume that she didn’t realize how serious it was going to be.

If Julie is in on it, what about her father? He’s done a few things that seem justified at first glance, but can seem suspect if you think about them. For example, wanting to leave the furniture store, and causing a problem with the motorcycle cop. Of course, on third glance, his actions all look like those of a freaked out father again, so who knows.

Spoiler Warning!
You are right to suspect the dad of Janet York.

You see, the moment where the cop was about to take him in will be looked at as a really close moment where he could have been caught, but wasn’t.

Nina is not the mole.

Janet York dies.

Julie? I thought it was Janet? But I’m terrible with names. . . .

Anyway, I think it was Janet who set up the “date,” so that much clicks. But the problem I see with Janet and her dad being in on it is the treatment Janet has recieved. I mean, they broke her arm (you can’t fake the kind of damage they showed) and then left her lying in the street to die after she was hit by a car! The whole hit-by-a-car thing could have been a clever ruse, except the beginning of hour 4 made it pretty clear that she was in baaaad shape. The only way Janet and/or her dad could be part of the plot was if:

– The kidnappers didn’t know that she was in on it, slipped her the drugs, which incapacitated her so that she couldn’t do “her part” to keep Kimberly cooperative and is so freaked out by the time she regains her senses (somewhat) she’s like, screw this, let’s run, and she either doesn’t want to tell Kimberly what’s going on, or just isn’t coherent enough.


– The Sentinel is not really her dad and doesn’t care what happens to Janet.

I think it’s more plausible that the kidnappers/terrorists managed to lure Janet on the date as part of some internet-enabled ruse, with Kimberly, of course, being the real target the whole time. They just went through Janet to get to her.

And remember, guys, twenty more hours to go. I think at this point “acting suspicous” means “totally innocent.”

Malahoth, given the nature of the series and the fun we’re having speculating, I, for one, would prefer that no one post spoilers (no matter how obvious or innocuous) in the 24 threads. If you have some sort of information about what happens after the current episode, I suggest that you start your own thread with “24 spoilers” in the title. (I’m just expressing my opinion–I realize that I am not the boss of this thread. :slight_smile: )

I agree. The 1st half hour was very slow - almost no plot development, just a lot of talking.

This bothered Mrs. Rob, too, and I had to agree. Of course, in real life, cops always respond to 911 calls in under 15 minutes. :rolleyes: But still, why an ambulance and no cops?

I missed out on the discussion of earlier episodes, so apologies if this has already been hashed out. The worst flaw seems to be the plane explosion. Why blow up a plane just to get an ID? Isn’t this kind of obvious, not to mention overkill? How can you expect to impersonate someone (i.e., the photographer) who is known to be dead (as should be obvious from the passenger list)?

Still holding out hope that IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE IN THE END, but it’s starting to wane.

Mahaloth, do you have Inside Information, or are you just flapping the ol’ hole? I only ask so I’ll know whether to avoid your posts in the future.

With the plane blown up, they don’t have any evidence whether the photographer was actually on it, so the impersonator can just show up and say, “Thank Heavens I wasn’t on that plane. I took an earlier flight.” (And betcha all the documentation checks out.)

Besides which, blowing up the plane a) looks good (that was such an awesome scene where she blew open the hatch and was blown out by the escaping air) and b) demonstrates right off the bat that these are Very Evil People and c) taps into a certain undercurrent of anxiety about bombs and planes that existed even before 9/11.

However, I agree that it would have probably been easier to shanghai the photographer in the airport (guuuhh, sure I’ll follow you to the restroom and have sex with you . . .) and bury his body in the desert.