"24" Analysis and Predictions- Hour 1(Spoilers)

Well, the first hour is over and it seems to be a pretty good show. The trick is to figure out the foreshadowing, since there is a ton throughout.

I thought it was pretty obvious that the two guys were going to kidnap Janet York and Kim Bauer. I’m not sure what the deal is with Palmer, what his secrets are.

I was kinda let down that the show didn’t run totaly in real time, leaping ahead of the real time in order to finish slightly early. Seems like they could have worked that out. I’m also let down they cut the shot of the plane actually blowing up, only showing the assassin jumping out of the plane with bits of plane behind her.

Now for my famous encoded spoiler, this time encoded a bit better so you don’t accidentaly read it(Three, three is the key)…


I was flipping back between the Sharks game (they’re winning 3-1!) and 24. What was the deal with the shady dude on the plane and the chick that attacked someone and then blew up the plane?

No wonder they postponed this show.

Yeah, the dude on the plane was just the photographer for Palmer. She used him to get his id card and then blew up the plane with him in it. The idea seems to be that no one will expect any survivor from the plane, so she is free to use the ID Card to get the access she needs.c

I was looking forward to this show and was sorely disappointed.

Every plot point seemed to be underline and inflated. His daughter couldn’t just sneak out and play with “bad boys” - no, now she’s being kidnapped. Our Hero suspects an assistant director is dirty - why, first shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, then get the evidence. Our Hero lectures the “co-worker he might have slept with” about the dangers of just one mis-step, giving into temptation just once, then he risks his team’s careers by 1) involving them in the trank shooting (what, he couldn’t get the pistol out of the equipment cupboard by himself?), 2) investigating an assistant director (oh sure, he was dirty, so he could be blackmailed – but what if he hadn’t been?), and 3) using them to crack his daughter’s email account.

My favorite bit? When Our Hero asks the (stereotypic) hacker chick to “Find out the internet passwords that go with this phone number” so he can get into his daughter’s email account. What’s up with that? His daughter is the only one who uses that modem? Of course, hacker chick just has to rattle a few keys and bingo - she’s got the passwords.


I don’t mean to be rude, but were you flipping back and forth between two shows? Because there seems to be quite a bit of information that isn’t processed into your analysis. (Again, not trying to be blunt, but I really enjoyed the show.)

Regarding the “dirty” assistant director: he already knew he was lying - most people don’t call time and temperature when they have nothing to hide.

  1. He DID get the tranq gun out of the cupboard by himself. He only asked his assistant for a binder to hide it in.

  2. It was shown earlier that Keifer’s character acts on hunches, and is usually correct (he acted on a hunch about who the target was once he walked into the office). I don’t think it’s too out of character to extend that character trait for someone in this line of business to take such a serious risk (he knew that if wrong he’d go to jail).

  3. I don’t think this was a first occurance for such an infraction with these people.

  4. I also don’t think it’s too out of the ordinary for his daughter to be the only one to use that modem. When I lived at home I had a separate phone line, and if I had a computer, I’d have my own personal modem line.

As for being able to get all the passwords associated with that line I agree with you - that’s questionable, at best (although it wouldn’t surprise me if it was possible).