24 Finale: How does the Pres get it?

This is not meant to be a replacement thread for Monstre’s weekly lovefest with 24.

It’s is purely for speculation and wishing for how the President gets what’s coming to him.

I want lots of gore with maybe a big group of torture beforehand, but I can’t decide who needs to hand out the Justice.

First choice is FLOTUS with some mean tricks.
Second will be Aaron.
Third will be Jack in a truly artistic assassination.

Your wishes?

PS: If you already have it on good authority from some spoiler source, please refrain from spoiling the fun here. Just pretend it’s your own idea.

I’m not altogether sure he will get killed … I’m thinking he may get disgraced instead. I certainly hope we find out who baldy and his corporate buddies are, though!

I’m with you on this one. I think (WAG) that she’ll kill him and take the wrap enabling everyone to cover everything up, for the good of the country, etc.

Man, I loves me some Jean Smart, ever since Designing Women days.

I’m guessing we’ll get the cliche Jack-grabs-Logan-and-jams-his-gun-in-his-face. Audrey, Heller, or Aaron will do the “He’s not worth it Jack” speech.

Then it’s a 50/50 on whether or not Logan makes a dive for his gun.


I’m hoping to see Logan in cuffs.

I’m betting that the President lives to be a wuss again.

The First Lady won’t.

Bald Bluetooth Guy’s role will never be adequately explained. Sort of like in Day 1, we never really found out who “they” were who wanted Palmer killed. They were just “them” and have remained so. “They” are just, generic evil forces.

“24” has more loose threads than a 40-year old jacket.

I’m with tdn. Heller and Graham both mentioned how bad it would be for a sitting president to be caught doing the things he has done, but I think the season ends with that. Logan will be outed publicly.

Audrey has a new role next season. Look for her not to last the 2 full hours. Curtis, however, will be back.

While I’d love to see the First Lady pop a few caps into Charles, I doubt it will happen, and there’s no freakin’ way Fox is going to let Jack assassinate a President (even an evil one) on network TV. So I predict we’ll see either:

  1. Logan gets arrested based on the testimony of FLOTUS, Aaron, and the approximately 350 other people who now know about the Evil Plot. Or…

  2. It ends with an agony-inducing cliffhanger in which Logan still has the upper hand.

If it’s the second one, I’m gonna be pissed. Bad enough that we have to wait until next January for more thigh-shootin’ action.

“Nobody. Nobody kills him. He lives.”

“You mean he wins!? Grandpa, what did you read me this stupid thing for?”

I thought it was the Drazens - the guys who setup the entire plot to get Jack and Palmer in retaliation for Operation Whatsitsname.


That’s what I’m afraid of. It certainly looks like it’s heading in that direction, doesn’t it? Logan better damn well get shot in the thigh at least, if that’s the case. BOTH thighs, even!

Yes, but one of Palmer’s aides, who got fired toward the end, told Palmer that “they” were powerful than him and he knew who “they” were.

And they weren’t the Drazens, who were bad guys and evil terrorists, but they weren’t manipulating world energy supplies.

I want Jack to carve out Logan’s eye, like he was going to do to Walt. :smiley:

Sure you’re not thinking of the end of Season 2? When we saw some nameless faceless "Them"s, putting “Plan B” in motion (which was the poison handshake plot).

I think every season always ends with a “them” planning something bigger.

Well, looks like the Prez “got it”, although it wasn’t exactly the “it” we were hoping for. (And it apparently only took him 1 minute, at that…) :smiley: