"24" Season 2, Episode 15 - 10:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

Oh, and finally Kim has done something smart for a change. i.e. not getting in the car with the first scuzball that comes by, and then pulling the gun to scare him off.

Good scene between Kim and Jack, on the phone…

Maybe George is stowed away in the plane, and will save Jack…

Okay, Kim’s gone back to stupid again. Getting out of the nice lady’s car and running back into the night…

Hah! George DID stow away! Am I good or what? :wink:


Does that count as a deus ex machina, or just a radiation man ex machina? :wink:

Okay, that was intense…


The second George showed up at the airport I knew what was gonna happen.

How friggin’ close is Jack to that explosion though?

So I’m guessing the remaining 9 hours will be about whether the U.S. will end up going to war with the three countries mentioned in the info from Sayed Ali’s recording. And perhaps there will be some question as to the validity of the recording? Is this real proof that the nuke was funded and planned by these countries, or is Sayed Ali’s terrorist group setting up the U.S. to lead them into starting a World War III?

I guessed that, too! Great minds think alike. :wink:

Oh, God, I cried like a baby while Jack was saying goodbye to Kim.

She surprised the hell out of me…she’s been stupid all day, and now she gets a clue and chases away El Camino guy with a gun! Nice going, girl!

I knew George was going to sneak on the plane…but was Jack far enough away to avoid any fallout?

I doubt we’ll see the “three Middle East countries” named, but now what?

The preview for the next showTHREE WEEKS FROM NOW!! was a little odd. I didn’t quite get it. I completely forgot about the hard drive Marie stole from the computer…and is Bob Warner still cooling his heels? I’d be demanding to go home, or something.

Wow, that was a powerful one.

Well, they said that this plane’s top speed was something like 230 MPH, so 4 minutes… that would mean he’s only something like 15 miles away, at best? Is that far enough away? Seems pretty close to me – I wouldn’t want to be 15 miles from a nuclear blast!

Which three governments does everyone think is on the tape?

I’m voting for a very unlikely combo.

I totally called the “Mason stowing away with a parachute” angle. First I was groaning because it seemed way too obvious for Mason to simply fly the plane himself. Someone proposed that theory here several weeks ago. So I at least give the writers props for at least setting up SOME suspense (and of course now Kim doesn’t know that Jack is really alive). Still though, every time they showed Jack in the plane I was thinking, "OK, now pan out and show us Mason with a gun and a parachute saying ‘Get off the plane, Jack.’ "

Ok, so where are we now? Palmer will obviously have a confrontation about military options for how to respond to the bomb (anyone else think it was odd that they never said which three countries?), maybe people will go behind his back to start a major war (Palmer seems pretty war-wary so far). We also still don’t know where the 7th soldier is, or if that even matters anymore. How about Nina? Are we ever going to see her again? Will there be widespread panic when news of the bomb gets out? And how about that dude at CTU that was busting Tony for not giving him info? Is he too obviously evil to actually be a bad guy?

Great episode, though. One of my favorites in the whole run of the show so far.

I think the 7th soldier does matter. He killed his comrades, so he’s obviously in on some portion of the plot, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to figure in somehow before the end. In fact, he might even be…

…the guy in the preview for the next episode who phones Jack and says “I may be the only person who can prove that the information on Sayed Ali’s recording is false.”

Monstre, I’m thinking that we’ll also spend the rest of the time trying to track down Kim wandering through the woods, to tell her that Jack’s alive. She’ll probably go off and get captured again, and Jack will yell at Tony to find her and bring her to CTU again and something will happen in between again… It’s getting to be too much of a formula. :rolleyes:

OK, that was just chilling. Yeah Jack is awfully close to the blast, but I’ll grant him a little creative licence. I knew that Mason was going to wind up on the plane when he showed up at the airport, but there were moments there when I was wondering if they were going to swerve us and actually have Jack die. They already seem to be gearing Tony up as the next tough guy.

It’s a bit awkward hearing “three middle eastern countries” without any names (which you know they will never say on the air anyway) so I like to pretend that when he says “three middle eastern countries” he’s really naming them, we just don’t understand him.

Hey in a way I was right a loooooong time ago when I said George would wind up throwing himself on the nuke. I’m sure part of him (an arm, some hair, his spleen) was lying on it when it went off. I was glad to see George again this week, even though I’d have been just as happy with his send off last week.

No real advancements with any other story lines, but the bomb was the centerpiece so I can’t argue too much.

What’s up with Mike and Ensign Ro now? When palmer said he was going to L.A. they both seemed to think at the same time “uh-oh…we can’t have him do that…” but they seem to be covering something up. Damn, shades of last year, I’m starting to suspect everyone. Surely Palmer’s entire staff can’t be against him.

There, there Kim. Stop your crying. You know what always gets me through grievous times? Taking off my jacket and running. Why not try that?

OK quit with the spoilers please unless it deals with whatever was in the spoilers for…did someone say 3 weeks from now? Egads.
Anyway, please? Guys? I want to read what was so funny, but now I don’t know where to stop reading. Monstre, is it safe?

I hate you guys :slight_smile:

However I DID read the first few words in Monstre’s last spoiler. Aherm.

Wow, another great episode. I can’t believe I actually teared up during the super sappy phone conversation between Jack and Kim. And Mason as a stowaway–I’m pissed I didn’t predict it, but I did know with 100% confidence that there was no way Jack would die.

Let’s see–
I doubt they’ll ever name the ‘3 middle-east countries’ that were in league with Said Ali, which kind of sucks, because I already have a problem with the first conversation Prez Palmer had on the phone when he was told ‘3 countries’ and then hung up without asking ‘which ones?’ Political correctness extends even into television.

So now Kim is back on the loose, with a gun, and thinking her father is a dead hero. She’ll be getting into some more trouble very soon, while Tony Almeda will be eagerly tryign to track her down to give her the good news before she does anything stupid.

I don’t know what’s the deal with my tv, but they didn’t air ANY previews for next week’s episode. I get satellite, east coast stations, and it went straight to NYC FOX new. bummer. I’m one of the people who likes to see the previews.

So is it clear to everyone that the guy who’s been allowed, for diplomacy’s sake, to hang around the scene at CTU is going to be a bad guy? He’ll do something rash and then one of the two women at CTU will have to make a quick decision to save the day.

And what about Mr. Payback? Nary a mention of him. I’ll wager he’ll be a big player in the next several episodes, as Jack will have to go up against him.

And now Jack has a special someone–the good sister–to come back to L.A. for. They look to be a potential item, if Jack didn’t have so many evil plots and characters to fight.

And I MISSED Sherry!! Surely the prez is going to have another chance to bitchslap her. But it might be waiting until nearer the end of the season.

No, Max, my last spoiler actually does relate to next week’s preview. I stopped doing any spoilers on the previews for THIS week when the episode started.

For what it’s worth, N9647F is a Cessna caravan (aka 208)
(look it up at if you are real curious)

It was “only” a 10 Kiloton one, not sure what the blast radius is (jack was behind the hill)