"24" Season 2, Episode 21 - 4:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

The whole 25th amendment thing does seem ludicrous. I mean come on–you only need to find 8 cabinet members, even the useless ones, to overthrow the president? There’s way it could be done as easily as this show makes it.

So what’s Palmer going to do now? Is he going to replace Yousef as Jack’s sidekick?

Can it be any more obvious that Abusive Dad is going to ambush Kim?

What are the odds that H4x0r Guy is still alive? Or are they going to do yet another “dies just after revealing key info” thing with him? I’m assuming that Sherry is part of the conspiracy to get their war on, and she was coming to off the guy before Jack can find him. Or who knows, maybe she had a change of heart and was coming to warn him.

How about Nina? Are we ever going to find out what part she had in all this, and what Jack said to her?

Fascinating how the events on this show parallel recent world events. We now know that two of the major suppositions behind the plot are wrong:

Surprise is important when attacking - From Iraq (OK, already from the first Gulf war and Afghanistan) we know that surprise is completely irrelevant.

The American people would be shocked and horrified if we invaded another country on the basis of false information - On the contrary, the American people don’t care. Not a whit.

No, not really.
(And it’s “were.”)

Believe it. As soon as she said, “They’re taking me back to…” I groaned. The only way it won’t happen is if Victor Drazen comes back from the dead to kidnap her again before she reaches the house.

Now, back to the real show: What’s up with the truncated video of the torture? Novick couldn’t have deleted part of the tape without some secret service guys help, and the secret service seems to be on Palmer’s side (well, they should be).

And what’s with the “We have to lock up the president.”? Is he being arrested? Are they afraid he will seize control of the government from the ops center, like some Star Trek episode?

Okay, is the VP a bad guy (i.e. one of the manipulators), or just bent on revenge? Is Chappel? It seemed like Chappel was trying to tip off the VP that his attempt at overthrowing the pres. might get derailed.

And was there a second guy at the end? They showed the hand with a glock and then you hear footsteps and Sherry appears. But I couldn’t tell if the hand with the glock was Sherry’s escort. I thought the guy with the glock was gonna whack her.

No, I think he’d say, “What’s the Constitution?” :wink:

Anyway, they got me this time. I didn’t know or guess that was Sherry Palmer till she turned around. :eek: BITCH! I knew she was bad.

And from the previews, how is Kim going to be ambushed by the Abusive Dad if a cop is with her? Oh, yeah, I guess he’ll wait in the car and let her roam around the house by herself, 'cause cops are stoopit. :rolleyes:

I was waiting for Kate to ask if she could go with Jack to find the Computer Chip Guy.

Yeah, I thought it looked like a man walked in first, followed by the second person who turned out to be Sherry Palmer. We never saw who the first person was, but it looked like a man. Maybe it’s who Lynn Kresge was going to meet originally at that park when she ended up seeing Sherry instead? There was some implication that she was going to meet a man.

Actually, he’d probably say “Sergeant, arrest those men,” and the Marines would follow his orders since the cabinet hadn’t actually followed the 25th Amendment properly.

I told Palmer waaaaaaaay back when that he shouldn’t be watching the torture…that someone would be monitoring all video transmissions. But would he believe me? Noooooooooooo! What’s wrong with David? That’s right, I said “David”! I CAN call him by his first name because I actually am looking out for him. Not like sooooooome people I could mention…MIKE! You gunkie!

Very funny post! Max, you cracked me up! Have you thought of applying for Mike Novick’s job? He’s toast!

BobT: I think you have a bum copy of the Constitution – the word is “principal” in both places in both of my pocket copies of the Constitution.

And dammit, they haven’t followed the 25th amendment. The President could just send a simultaneous declaration that he is fit, and then the cabinet would have to send another declaration that he isn’t fit. The “four days to appeal” they mentioned isn’t a burden on the president, it’s a burden on the people seeking his ouster.

OTOH, I suppose they could basically say “we’re sending the second declaration the minute you send yours, Mr. President, so the VP will be in charge even if you try to countermand our initial transmission immediately.” Indeed, if I was gonna try to do this to the President, I’d have both transmissions prepped and ready to go.

This whole “gotta have a surprise attack” really bugs the hell out of me. You can still have a surprise attack if nobody knows about the evidence. Plus, if the countries about to be attacked were actually guilty, a surprise attack wouldn’t be possible anyway, they’d be expecting some sort of retaliation.

Of course, in 24 land, cops are incompetent, and would take Kim back to evil dad’s house, knowing he’s on the loose still. Then the cop will fall victim to an ambush, Kim and evil dad scramble for the cop’s gun, blah blah blah. She’ll probably get the gun taken away again though, then one-legged boyfriend will save her with a one-legged kick (using his crutches to remain upright), although it won’t keep evil dad down. But luckily survivalist guy has been stalking her and will save the day by using his canned goods as weapons. But on the way out of the house, Nina will be waiting with a sniper rifle, and will pin Kim down behind a car, where she’ll have to call daddy for assistance. But her phone doesn’t work, since everyone’s on the phone about the bomb, even though there were no such problems in this episode.

I still think Palmer is the man, though. The way he handled the situation was perfect, although of course none of us were surprised to see the video of Stanton.

Oh, and Max Carnage, when I’m watching American Idol (or anything else on Fox/FX) I keep the remote in hand ready to mute and look away at all commercial breaks. If I forget and the remote isn’t nearby, I fall back on the classic “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” routine, which really freaks out the dog.

My question is: do you think they just used off-the-shelf vote tracking software or is there some sort of special 25th Amendment VoteTrakker v.2.3 that follows the president around?

I practically cheered when I saw it was Sherry. Now it’s getting back on track. I still think the hard drive Marie took is important - and that Kate will get that when she gets back to CTU. And I hope that Abusive Dad has some part to play besides being dangerous to Dim, I mean Kim. Remember in the beginning - they were going to a wedding? Marie’s? Maybe he worked for Kate’s dad or something. I think we speculated on this way back when.
Personally, when Palmer told Mike not to call him by his first name I thought for a minute I was watching Manor House. But, Mike is looking slipperyier (is that a word?) by the minute. Can’t stand him since he grabbed Ensign Ro’s hand to “comfort” her.
Oh, and I second the Nina questions. She’s got to come back, right?

Dammit. I missed the first couple of minutes. How did he get the chip from the guy? I noticed cops taking him out in cuffs. I figured that guy’s goose was cooked. Was he the one who damaged the chip? Did he get to stomp in it like he said he would? Damn Jack must have taken him out fast . . .

dalovindj, Jack started spouting stuff about “Give me the chip, and I’ll let you walk, no questions asked.”, etc. The guy with the chip kept saying no, no, no, but his buddy (remember, there was more than one guy in that room) had second thoughts. Struggle between the two, Jack hears this, and bursts through the door, firing a shot into the wall. Guy gives up.

I was using the copy of the Constitution that is posted by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

The typo appears in both the .txt and .pdf version

The same typo appears in the version of the Constitution at

In this version of the Constitution, http://www.access.gpo.gov/congress/senate/constitution/con001.pdf
the “principal/principle” problem is corrected, but in the first instance there is a reference to “executive departments” and in the second it is “executive department”.

Another thing wrong with the 25th Amendment scenario is that in addition to pissing off the American populatio and a large chunk of Congress, the whole rest of the world, especially NATO and Russia and China, are going to be none too happy to see the U.S. attacking three Middle East countries and using some cockamamie excuse to remove the president and put the command and control of nuclear devices in to the hands of the VP.

Oops. Set my VCR to the wrong time and taped Idol.

Does FOX repeat it later in the week?

HA! Zoff I was thinking the same thing! Plus who was it they showed flicking the switches on the VoteTrakker v.2.3? Was it Mike on his laptop? So he had this program waiting all along? hmmm…
Also, I was confused till the very end of the vote on what vote meant what…yes- he stays, no- he goes or yes- he goes, no- he stays…

Gotta give Fox just a little credit for showing a series about the US attacking Middle Eastern countries based on falsified evidence in order to get their oil. If this series were on any other network, Fox would be decrying them as un-American on every one of their talk shows.

I think Abusive Dad works with Peter Kingsley.