"24" Season 2, Episode 13 - 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 13
8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Can I make an additional request before this thread gets underway? Please use spoiler tags to discuss anything in the teasers shown after the end of the episode. Many people in these threads switch away as soon as the top of the 24 clock hour hits.


Just bringing it on up to the front page. To a deeelux position the Straight Dope way.

Yeah, we’re bringing it on up to the front page. We’ve finally found a vent for our raaaaage. . …

[size=1]Yea I know, I know. You[.i] do a better bump!

Damn, the season is already more than half over :frowning:

Here’s to neutralizing the bomb and getting on with the REAL threat!

So Mrs. Palmer was Ensign Ro’s informant? I think Palmer plays intrigue for intrigue’s sake. Perhaps that’s why Mr. Palmer keeps her at arm’s length.

Nooooo…that’s not what I got out of it. But Mrs Pal…damn you, the EX-Mrs. Palmer did know where Ro was gonna be, oddly enough.

Think maybe we can throw Sherri on the bomb to contain the blast? Huh? Please?

No, Sherry wasn’t the informant. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see who it was, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

And I’m all for throwing Sherry on the bomb.

No, Sherry wasn’t the informant. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see who it was, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

And I’m all for throwing Sherry on the bomb.

No, Sherry wasn’t the informant. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see who it was, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

And I’m all for throwing Sherry on the bomb.

Nipples! We have nipples!

So, any quick commercial-break guesses as to who or what killed all those soldiers? Surely Former-Blonde and Nuke-Tech couldn’t have done that all by themselves?

[Smoove B]
“This is my bomb shelter. Here is where we will get our freak on, and should it be necessary, we will repopulate the earth.
Pay no attention to the knives and guns. They’re just to keep out others who would want to get a freak on with you.”
[/Smoove B]

Kim in a wifebeater rules!!!

that is all.

As for the preview for next week, GOOD GOD! Don’t do anything to KATE! She’s the new love of Jack’s life, don’t you all see that?

Where do you think the bomb is…or is there one? Bait and switch my friends?

Ah, I see. Rogue soldier killed his buddies. And we seem to have confirmation that Sherry has high-level involvement in the conspiracy.

Still, more questions than answers.

Exactly which members of this conspiracy knew what, and when?

Where is the real bomb? Still with the one guy in the van? Did rogue soldier take it somehow?

Will Kim find yet another excuse to run while wearing that thin, thin shirt?

Tune in next week, same Jack time, same Jack channel!

Alright guys. How many stupid points does the wifebeater subtract from Kim’s overall score?

The bomb is in the truck. They never cheated on the previews before-- what you see is usually what you get. Hello!

Do you think Palmer will put Sherri in The Chair? That would be way cool.

just wait until kim starts running and works up a good sweat… wet wifebeater… good times :slight_smile:

so who do we think has the bomb? it’s gotta be either marie or the soldier guy

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!! Jarbaby! LALALALALALALALALALA…not listening to next week spoilers not listening to next week spoilers…

Yay!!! We get to defibrilate Sherry now!!! Strap her down and get a bucket of water!!!

I want me a Gullible Kim Doll with Wife Beater Dress-Up kit. Where can I get one of them? Man, just when I think she can’t do anything more stupid, she puts on a threadbare tank top while she’s wet and apparently chilly and parades around in front of Survivalist Joe who hasn’t seen a woman since he slept with his sister/aunt/second cousin. Hey Kim? Don’t you think you woulda HEARD a nuclear bomb going off?

Did anyone actually think the bomb was still in the plane when they showed American Delivery truck zooming off. Who the heck was driving that? Ooooooh, the Seventh Soldier! Got it!

I really expected this episode, being number 13, to have some resolutions. Apparently this year they had no doubts about going the full 24 episodes. Good for them, cause last year the show really suffered when they hadn’t thought past the first half of the season.

I’m still not getting a good read on Palmer. Super gullible or super sneaky? Does he know more than he’s letting on? I guess not since he’s shocked about Sherry. I keep waiting for Mike to do his heel turn, but I hope he doesn’t. Seems he’d have lots to lose with Palmer out of office.

Did we ever figure out where the Veep (or WHO the Veep) is during all this? I know they’d keep the two of them separate, but maybe he could be on TV consoling America or something?

I think Rogue Soldier has the bomb. Both Marie and Omar seemed surprised to see CTU guys there, and Marie wanted to get away from the airport.
Ooooh, Evil Kevin Dillon. Run, Kim, run! He’s LYING!
Yay, Stanton! “Ask Sherry.”
Of course, ask Sherry. She’s a Lying Bitch!

I think the soldier guy (the 7th one) has the bomb in the truck. In fact, when Marie went back INTO the hangar, and we saw a truck drive off, my first thought was that the bomb is in the truck. And the airplane was going to be a diversion. At first, I was thinking that this was a backup plan – but the fact that they even had a fake device made to look like a bomb – I think that was probably the original plan. The plane was a decoy, and the 7th military guy – perhaps this “Colonel Sanders” guy himself? – has been in on the big plan from the beginning. More so that even Roger Stanton – I think Stanton thought he knew the plan, but there’s an even bigger plan, and Stanton was just a pawn, himself. Sherry probably knows the real plan.

And Kim… Kim, Kim, Kim… Don’t you know that it’s just a joke when somebody tells you that the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary? So, ya fell for the "Oh my god a nuclear bomb went off even though you didn’t see or hear anything – quick, let’s go lock ourselves in my bomb shelter, or what I like to call the ‘Love Bunker’ " trick. At least they gave us the tight white T-shirt nipple footage, so I will forgive them this time… :smiley:

Bomb Shelter Guy’s next line? “Ow, I slashed my leg while trying to open up these canned beans with my Bowie knife. Quick – rip some strips off your T-shirt so that I can bandage the wound!”

I think the Prez really needs to put Sherry in the interrogation room. And let Ensign Ro do the interrogating.

How come nobody mentioned Radiation Guy’s festering arm sores. . . that oozed through his jacket sleeve. Yicccckkkkk!!! It’s time for Michelle’s Mutiny. Let’s find out if she is really a Bad Girl (as I think) or if SHE will Save the World!