[24] Season 5 revisited.

Spoliers galore.

I’ve spent the last week seeing all of season 5 and feel the need to write about it. My guess is that mst of the things I’ll bring to the table has been talked about in the weekly threads, but anyway.

I gave up on 24 about two thirds into S.2. I thought that around that time it started losing momentum and getting ridiculous. However, I thought I’d give it another chance, this time thinking that it’s supposed to be over-the-top, not offer big insights.

And well, it turned out to be ninety per cent enjoyable, but at times I kept thinking - get on with it, we know what will happen. The plot holes are glaring of course and the fairy of misdirection is not only working overtime, it’s brought a bunch of helpers. Why would Charles Logan stay in character as bumbling but innocent when he’s alone in the room, if not to throw us viewers off the scent? Don’t cellphones need re-charging? Why add something corosive to the nerve gas? Are we really to believe that re-directing a satelite is just like making a cab turn at a different corner?
Trying to apply any kind of logic will ruin the experience, so I decided to put my brain on idle and try to enjoy the ride. I did.

Some points:
[li]In a show were people constantly are chewing the scenery or mugging for the camera, Glenn Morshower as Aaron Pierce is fantastic. His acting style is close to comatose, he barely moves a facial muscle, and yet manages to convey such a wide range of emotions. World class.[/li]
[li]I don’t know if Gregory Itzin was picked for the part because he looks so much like him, but he really needs to star in a bio-pic about Tricky Dick. I couldn’t stop thinking about Nixon whenever he was on screen, and it’s kinda poetic that he was caught with a wiretap.[/li]
[li]And I’m glad Jack Bauer picked the ferret faced Kim Raver (Audrey Raines), the leaves 52k degrees more hot Connie Britton for me.[/li][/ul]

I posted this in one of the Emmy threads, but I’ll include it here. Last season’s 24 nominations totaled 12 and are distributed like so:

7-8AM (direction, editing, sound mixing)
9-10AM (editing)
9-10PM (cinematography, sound editing, stunt coordination)
6-7AM (music)

That’s 8. Plus Drama Series and nods for Kiefer, Itzin, and Jean Smart. Kiefer submitted the first hour (7-8am) as the episode he wanted considered by the judges panel, and the series itself selected the first 6 episodes for its consideration reps.