24: Season One question (serious spoilers)

I’ve been re-watching 24: Season One on DVD while I wait on Season Two to come in, and I’m about 6 hours in (in other words, it’s about 6:00 a.m.).

I still don’t see any proof, other than the initial accusation, that Nina was one of the traitors. Is it something they just wrote in in the last few hours, or are the clues there and I’m missing them?

I’m sure you can find fans of the show who will claim that there are clues scattered all the way through, but my personal opinion is that they needed a big finish and decided at the last minute to choose Nina.

Remember that they didn’t have a commitment for the full 24 hours. So they wrote a climax after hour 13 and then had to extend the show another nine hours to fill out the day. The two “halves” fit very badly if at all.

When you get to season 2, throw out any notions of continuity or sense.

The key is to watch them all at once during one sitting. Then you don’t need to bother yourself with overanalyzing the show. It’s not a perfect show, but it’s great entertainment.

Unfortunately true, but I’ll still be watching Season 3 unless they still have Kim do something inhumanly stupid every hour.

Come to think of it, I think I missed the last two episodes of Season 1. No wonder I’m so confused.

One thing that always bothered me… didn’t one of the bad guys want Jack to kill Nina very early on in Season 1? Around 9:00 am or so? What was the reasoning for that?
He gave her a bullet proof vest on the sly, and then shoved her down a hill and aimed badly or something. That didn’t fit at all with her ending up being a baddie, in fact the supposed mastermind of it all. I’ve only watched it the one time, so I may be not remembering it correctly.

The reason that Gaines wanted Jack to kill Nina is that he didn’t know she was working with the Drazens. He really had no information beyond the immediate goal of taking out Palmer and Jack, really.

Although we really know that the REAL reason Gaines wanted him to kill Nina is that the writers hadn’t decided to make her a bad guy yet.

Ah, that makes perfect sense, thanks. :wink:

When does the new season start? After baseball, I assume?

Season Premier is October 28.

Apparently Kim is a CTU agent now. We’re all doomed.

Unless you have stock in sports bras.

Seriously FOX, institute the “Kim Kam”. I’m begging you.

Apparently there has been a 2 year lapse since the end of season 2 to the beginning of season 3.

One more question. If you’ve seen the alternate ending for season one, you know that Terri was left alive in that one. My question is, why such a drastic change? Since contracts have to be signed, how could they not know when they filmed that whether the actor was going to be in the next season or not?

I don’t think the decision had anything to do with the availability of the actress, Leslie Hope. (In fact, I suspect that the alternate ending was a red herring against possible leaks and was never intended to be used.) TPTB have said that they felt there had to be a major loss for Bauer after all that had happened.

Also, though she had a small but rabidly devoted following (of which I’m a card-carrying member), Miss Hope got a lot of negative flak on some message boards. And getting rid of the wife opens up possibilities for the usual romantic tripe in future storylines. Since the OP hasn’t seen Season Two yet, I’ll put my opinion of that decision in spoiler tags:

Sara Wynter sucked snake nuts! She’s a boring actress, and her character was so vapid it’s impossible that the guy who was married to Teri would have had any feelings but pity for her.

But, um, that’s just my opinion.

What he said. :wink:

Well, I think this primarily applies to “Act 2”, which I would categorize as hours 16-24 (11 PM to 8 AM).

In season 2, I think Act I holds up quite nicely, and has a much more urgent premise (finding the nuclear bomb). The second part (the response, and impending war) was stretching it for me. And the ending of “Act I” was incredible, I thought (episode 15: “10-11 PM”). Very chilling ending.

Well, the exception to this, of course, is the Kim subplot. I think she made one (count them… ONE) smart decision in the first 15 hours of the show, and that was pulling the gun on Creepy Guy that she almost hitched a ride with. But then she was back to dumb-dumb decisions (starting with getting out of Nice Lady’s car and wandering on her own again on the highway).

er… wouldn’t that be “another 11 hours”? :smiley:

Season 1 – I agree that they probably didn’t decide to make Nina the traitor originally, but I do think that the “almost killing Nina” bit works fine, because that was due to bad-guy-Ira-Gaines, who only knew about Jaime as his inside contact. After season 2, we still don’t know who Nina really works for.

And BiblioCat – Nina wasn’t really the mastermind behind it all, anyways – she was just taking orders from somebody else, and it seems this somebody wanted her to help the Drazens at this point.

Sorry. I must have been using 24 time, the one that allows you to drive or fly halfway across California inside of one commerical block.

Maybe if you actually watched the commercials, you’d see just how long those commercial breaks actually feel :wink: Man, sometimes it seems like they go on for hours!

Nooooooo!!! Say it isn’t so! She drives me crazy.