28 Days Later: the second ending was not worth it

Though I wanted to go I kept missing my chance to see 28 Days Later but I heard that starting this week a second ending was going to be tacked onto the film. A bleaker ending that it was felt was too depressing for audiences. So I held off and went to see the movie with the new ending and was thoroughly disappointed.

[spoiler]The new ending is simply Jim getting hauled into an abandoned hospital but he dies anyway.

It just doesn’t work for me, though, since at that point in the movie I was braced for anything. Having Jim survive and rescue come was a bigger shock than having him die.[/spoiler]

So if you’ve seen it, hang on for the DVD instead and check out the other ending then. But if you haven’t seen the film and like a quality, intense horror film its well worth seeing; just don’t feel obligated to wait until after the credits.

“A bleaker ending that it was felt was too depressing for audiences.”

What? You mean the new ending wasn’t just pulled out of the ass to make more money?

hebes: the movie has been out in England for quite some time; I think this ending is an extra on the R2 DVD.

It’s certainly more plausible than the one originally shown in the US.