30 hour Famine... help, anyone?

On April 4&5, I’l be doing the 30 hour famine. For those of you who don’t know what it is, the gist of it is that I starve myself for 30 hours, thus raising money for the third world countries. 80% of our proceeds go to starving children across the world. Its alot of fun… we sleep over at the school, and we play games, and watch movies, and then sometimes we even have a pizza party after we’re done. [URL=http://www.30hourfamine.org/Display.asp?Page=Home] is the website.

What I wanted to know is if anyone out there would be willing to pledge me. The goal that the teachers want us to get is at least 200$, and I only have 135ish. I want to get more then 200, though, because not only do I get a com hour for every 25$ I raise(a community service hour- we need 25 to graduate) but its a good thing to donate to.

So, if you’re interested, pr have questions, just email me, K?


I’de really appreciate it.


Instead of asking other people for money, you could just tap into the budget for your post-famine pizza party.

And is it just me, or does anyone else see something fundamentally wrong w/ having a celebratory pizza party after a forced famine?

It was the teachers idea. We didn’t have one last year, but there have been ones in the past…

I’m not sure that this sort of thing is allowed on the boards, bratface. We’ll send you some money, we already said we would, but soliciting for this generally isn’t something I’d suggest.

When I did the Famine with my church group years ago, one of the local pizza chains donated the pizza. It might be worth looking into.

I am doing the famine this year as well!

No pizza party afterwards however… it’s just as well, I don’t think it’s really in the spirit of the event. IMHO.


I did the famine a couple of years ago. It was great, my school scheduled “Nutrition Day” that day, so we sat for HOURS listening to lectures on food and how not to become anorexic.

They gave you lectures on how not to become anorexic during a famine exercize? There’s an oxymoron in there somewhere…

Auntie Ginger, why do you object?

We worked at a local soup kitchen/food bank during our Famine. It was a real test of character. :slight_smile:

Our’s isn’t nearly as imaginative as yours… we’re going to have the whole school at our lesure, and run aroud and play hide and go seek. The teacher orginizing it is stingy, so I’m not sure if we’l getthe pizza party…

I don’t, personally. I’m just waiting until a Mod shuts this down for solicitation of funds. I wholeheartedly agree with the 30-hour famine, and did it myself as a kid a couple of times.

I did a 30-hour famine with my church last year for the same reason. They also had a pizza party afterward. I found it so stupid and hypocritical that I didn’t attend.

OK then… I didn’t want to interfere in a situation I might have been ignorant about.

MM8b, check your email tomorrow.

Miss Magic8ball, did you get approval from a mod or admin for this thread? We generally DO NOT allow such things, unless it’s submitted and approved beforehand. What’s more, you are personally benefitting from this fundraiser, in terms of getting community service hours!

Don’t do this again, without getting approval and NOTING in your OP that you have approval.

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