30 pounds GONE!

I hit another milestone in my Weight Watchers journey. This week, I weighed in at 142.8 pounds. That’s thirty pounds less than I weighed on Day 1: June 20, 2000.

And I’ve been in my healthy weight range for over a month now!

11.8 pounds to goal.

Way to go!

Congrats :slight_smile: Feels great, doesn’t it?!

And you ran a marathon too? That was a total lifestyle transformation thang it sounds like. Fwiw, I would have never known, I always thought you were in a healthy weight range by the looks of ya. Barbeque chicken pizza can be dangerous though, so be careful. :smiley:


Woah! Where’d you go?

Congrats, Gazelle! I just got the same milestone this week!

Congrats Gazelle!!! Keep up the great work!

She’s so svelt she slipped through lieu’s arms!

Be careful in the shower now, you don’t want to slip down the drain. :smiley:

Great job! You looked good at lunch today.

(Two weeks from today, same place, 1 pm?)

That’s wonderful! Congratulations!

Well done!

.: looks down :.

er …

I think I found 'em.
:smiley: congrats girl!

Well done! Keep up the good work!

You guys are making me blush. Thank you for your support, dearest Dopers.

Mithril, you badass! Congratulations!

lno, you wanted to go to lunch on November 7th? I think I can do that. I"ll send out an invite on Friday, with a debatable time. We didn’t have as good a turnout at 11:00 AM… Although I really like that time o’ day for lunch. It’s quiet and we can hear each other’s train wreck stories better. :wink: