30 Rock 2/3/11

Tina Fey in a bra. Yummy.

For someone with a diet that can only be described as legendarily poor, Liz Lemon is surprisingly flat-tummied. I want to go to there.

“You are… confident!”
“You… ate a meal in front of a mirror last night.”

“I need to talk to you in my office.”
“Is it about sex? Here’s a tip: sometimes a woman likes to leave her blazer on!”

I think my new moniker will be Rufus T. Blandersnitch.

Agreed. I looked over at my wife during the episode last night and said, “Best. Episode. EVAR.”

“A hug’s got to last at least ten seconds!”
“You bet it does!” (explaining why his earlier hug with Jack ended “…9…10”)

I think it was Rufus T. Barleysheath. Unless you’re making some cool reference that I’m totally missing…

Helpfully yours,
Fart Barfunkle

This season hasn’t been quite as hilarious (to me) as previous seasons. I could barely managed to get through that contrived wedding switcharoo from a couple of weeks ago. Although… I do wish wizard cloaks were fashionable in this plane of reality!

So what exactly is the deal with Kenneth? They’ve been dropping hints over the years that he is some sort of ancient undead vampire. Anybody been catching those?

No cool reference, just unreliable mind grapes.

No, but I’d be interested to hear what you picked up on! His characterization see-saw has been very annoying. I think he is the only character on the Thursday night line up that has not deteriorated into a dumber character to get more laughs. He often goes up in intelligence to get the laugh. But I feel that Kenneth’s up and down intelligence is really getting old and that his original role as a do-anything-to-help-TV was much better and that they should have had him switch to spewing learnings from people (presumably crazy NYers) in his neighborhood instead of the old Grandma routine.

But perhaps you are picking up on something more in the character than what I am getting.

Since season 1 there have been occasional (infrequent) references to his advanced age… one such reference was a couple seasons ago when there was talk of reforming the age requirements to be an NBC page, with a maximum age limit. Kenneth was subtly but distinctly concerned.

There are many references to Kenneth being far older than he appears, including one earlier this season where there’s a sound only old people can hear and it drives him crazy. I think there’s at least one throwaway line per episode that hints that he’s very old and/or otherworldly. This week he refers to himself as being one of the elderly. It sort of reminds me of when we found out Ned Flanders is a senior citizen.

There’s a scene from years ago where Kenneth misunderstands another one of the characters and says “Who said I’ve been alive forever?” I think it was the deal breakers episode.

The wizard cloak thing would’ve been funnier if Avery wasn’t the only woman wearing one. Let’s see baggy clothes that conceal every aspect of one’s body shape? Liz would love that.

I thought this was one of the funniest episodes ever.

“I can’t be pregnant because I’ve had my period for the last 61 days.”


:Keeping Up With The Kardashians comes on the TV:


Did anybody notice? Det. John Munch has now appeared in a ninth television series!

I couldn’t hear you, since he said the point is moot.