30 Rock (3/26)

Not my favorite episode of the season, but still very funny. A bad episode of 30 Rock still manages to make me laugh.

One question though, when Liz saw Floyd on the Today Show did she say, “Whuk?” instead of “What?” or am I imagining things? It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Liz to invent a word.

It was definitely “Whuck?”

In fact, just on Tuesday I was hanging out in a bookstore and saw Tina Fey on the cover of Esquire magazine, so I read the interview with her. She specifically said that they like to try out new words, and mentioned “Whuck?” as an example.

She also said she really says “Nerds!” IRL, because she’s trying not to swear around her kids.

Also, my favorite bit from last night:

Kenny: Ms. Lemon! You got a phone message from a Mr. [whats-his-name].
Liz: Seriously?
Kenny (with a deeper voice and no smile): Ms. Lemon, you got phone message from a Mr. [whats-his-name].

Mr. De Barbour. Floyd’s last name is De Barbour. Ha!

I like “Whuck?” as a polite-ish contraction of “What the fuck?”. I also like “intercourse companion” as a polite version of “fuck buddy”.

Snerk! I never caught that.

I had figured that out, but me likey!

“It was all black and white and glistening, like a killer whale being born”

The best in-joke of this entire show, for me, was in last week’s episode. It was Liz Lemon’s ringtone. It played a few beats only, but if you knew the song, it was hilarious.

Her ringtone is the Peaches song “Fuck the pain away.” I won’t post a link, but it’s easy enough to find.

“…and now you can say anything on TV. Douchebag, asswipe…”

Loved Kenneth’s sexy dance, in shiny go-go shorts with the NBC peacock.

The funniest bit was “take a left… then another left… then another left …then another left. I just wanted you to see that because it’s pretty. Now you’re back on Old Street…”

I’m hoping I don’t have a Kenmare.

Kenneth is a great character but here’s hoping he keeps his clothes on in future episodes.:smiley:

Also loved that Liz was dating a guy she met on the personals of the Kraft Food website.

Ah, yes. K-date.

Oh, about this…

DANNY: I did an interview for the New York Times, and they printed all this stuff that I didn’t say!
JACK: Typical liberal media. That’s why I get all my news from Dick Cheney’s website, DickViews.com.

I started to see if they created a fake website for this (like the Lutz’s girlfiend one) but when I started typing “dickviews.com” into my browser I suddenly realized that was probably not a good idea, at least not at work.

And you gotta know they did that on purpose. No way they didn’t expect people to try to go to dickviews.com

Somewhere, a writer is snerking.


I went. There’s nothing there.

I also caught that Liz’s rington was Peaches “Fuck the Pain Away.” My jaw dropped- it’s a fairly obscure song by a fairly obscure artist.

There was a joke earlier in the show about contracting a long phrase into a single shortened word for convenience. “whuck” contracting “what the fuck?” calls back to that.

I was rather surprised to hear that too! I don’t know if the song is that obscure though – it was used in the strip club scene in Lost in Translation.

Then again, I kind of hope most people wouldn’t recognize it, because about a year ago I went into the break room at work to wash my coffee mug and was humming “Fuck the Pain Away” because it was stuck in my head. I didn’t think anyone was in there, but when I finished rinsing my mug I turned around and one of my coworkers was in the corner having a snack. I’d prefer to believe he thought I was humming some random innocuous tune.

I was hoping for that fake Cheney site too, that would be hilarious, although that in the history trail would be suspicious as hell. I also picked up on Flloyd’s last name, though that was great.

I was a huge fan of this episode, even though it had no Cerie, it had a bunch of laugh out loud moments. This show’s been on a prime run recently if you ask me.