30 Rock...LIVE! 4/26

Holy crap, that was funny. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much during a half hour sitcom.

I thought it was hilarious as well. Jon Hamm was great.
Was it just me, or was the camera work real shakey?

I noticed that too, didn’t bother me much. I figure they had to do hand-held to handle the quick transitions.

Chatterton’s: the tar holds your baby together!

The guest list - holy shit!

I don’t know if this was the funniest thing they’ve ever done, but I liked it! It was a gamble, but I think it worked.


  • that just killed me.

Oh my, yes. “I was a Tuskeegee airman. Stop talking like that.”

The Honeymooners and Huntley/Brinkley parodies did not work at all for me, but Amos & Andy was hilarious. I notice how everyone was really playing for the camera and the audience, which they don’t do on taped shows.

The cigarette commercials (“Nazi doctor”) and the “Amos & Andy” bit were hilarious. The telethon bit was funny, too. The rest was kind of hit and miss.

There was some kind of technical difficulty that cut off the first part of the Joey Bishop (?)/Dusty Springfield bit with a commercial where I was.

Oh yeah, the Joey Bishop/Dusty Springfield (what the hell did he call her? Corny Springbok? Something funny) was killing me. She just keeps on singing, while he is right in front of the camera talking to the crew about where they were all going drinking. :smiley:

Dean Martin, not Joey Bishop–Alec did seems to be having *lots *of fun.

“We’re in New York! Anyone can marry anything!”

Does anyone know who played the young Tracey at the PBS telethon?

It was kind of frantic and a bit of a mess, but still hilarious. I give them a lot of credit for trying something so ambitious live, with all the quick costume and set changes and the unbelievable guest stars. They even had a flying effect which they could have gotten away without, but it added so much to the scene.

Most of NBC’s comedy lineup last night was exceptional.

Donald Glover, from COMMUNITY.

Childish Gambino*

*aka Community’s Donald Glover.

There were a few differences between the east and west coast performances. East had Paul McCartney as the bathroom guest, west had Kim Kardashian. Also, the west coast brought back Cheyenne Jackson as Danny, who sang the opening song. Brian Williams replaced Jon Hamm on the news. There were also a few different jokes here and there. Any other differences?

Aw, I’d have liked to see that, I love Brian Williams, and I already got my satisfying slice of Hamm with the Amos & Andy sketch.

West coast really got screwed on that one. How was Tina Fey’s last line about the amnesiac Paul being her boyfriend changed?

I wonder if Williams got tied up and couldn’t get to the studio in time for the East coast feed, and Hamm filled in at the last minute.

The Amos & Andy bit was the hardest I’ve laughed at 30 Rock in a long long time.

I loved Paul (Will Forte) singing “Zou Bisou Bisou.” Nice little Mad Men reference.

I don’t remember exactly, but it was something like Liz saying that 2 million people just saw Jenna’s live proposal. Kim walks over, takes a picture for her twitter account and says “now 14 million people saw it, you’re welcome…oh and I broke your toilet.”

I’m sure some of that is wrong. I don’t exactly listen when Kim Kardashian speaks.

Oh, and both are available on Hulu and NBC.com