3000 Charter Members

Just passed the 3000 mark for paid members.

Though you’d like to know.

your humble TubaDiva
Who is quite impressed.



Ummm that’s it?

Thats only 4.7166505 × 10^-07of the population. And thats only of planet Earth, not even counting the rest of the Milky Way galaxy, let alone we get into Zwicky’s Triplet galaxy, the Pinwheel galaxy, the Fornax Dwarf or shudder the Silver Coin galaxy.

If we’re going to start a new thread every 3,000 members, I anticipate problems! :rolleyes:

Same here. My initial estimate of 2,000-2,500 has been far surpassed.

I am also very glad to see the more pessimistic estimates of “a few hundred” get blown out of the water. That got my goat a little bit. Hence, my interest in the continued rise in subscription numbers.

I predict 3200. Well, actually, Chronos predicted that, but he did it based on my chart.

What, shameless self-promotion? Heh, I have no shame. :smiley:

Cool and the gang. If we keep it around there, or go up, that means something like at least $20,000+ revenue per year up from $0. Those resources should help get some of those new fangled genetic engineered super-hampsters. It should also help pay for Cecil’s hookers and booze . . .

I wonder if all the speculation about What The Money Could Be Used For isn’t a little premature or misguided; the reader has poured a fair deal of cash and other resources into the board over the years, after all.

Let’s see…3000 members times $5 a piece equals…$15000! Cool! Hey why don’t all the charter members split that money up evenly and…oh wait, nevermind.

So you think we should just get steroids for the current hampsters instead of new ones? Or are you trying to say that the liquor store and/or the house of ill repute have a tab running with Cecil?

DaLovin’ Dj

So how many members do we need to get before Ed becomes delirious?

Cause I wanna see that!

There’ll be at least one more, once Eve and I work out some kinks.

In this thread, he mentions that 3,500 members is when he’ll start hearing voices and stuff.

I think a server/software/service upgrade would be desirable, don’t get me wrong; I just don’t think it is inevitable - I don’t think it would be at all unreasonable for The Reader to see the profit from subscriptions as ‘giving back’ some of the money that has been poured into the SDMB in the past, in which case it might be a while before the situation arises where somebody says “Hey, we’ve got all this spare cash! Let’s buy a new server!”

I am thrilled :slight_smile: I didn’t expect such a positive response when we first switched to paid.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. We appreciate it greatly.

The kindness you have shown to others who couldn’t make the payment is truly touching. I am proud of the community you have built. And I’m honoured to be a part of it.

For those of you who choose to leave, there is still a lot of sadness to see you go, and I personally wish you could reconsider your decisions. It would be great to have you back. Even so, thank you for everything you have contributed to these boards in the past.

What number was I?

I don’t suppose there’s anyway to know who was first, who was second, who put us at the 3,000 mark…

:ivylass, intrigued by mindless trivia:

That’s [retty cool. Are there any predictions for the coming months?

Well, the door will always be open.


How 'bout now? Are there more now?? Gotta get the EMTs ready in case Ed Zotti gets delerious!

Barely contained delirium is Ed’s natural state. The hamsters caught it from him, actually. Impressionable little suckers.

I’m hanging out for the SD mod pilsner glass.